Saturday, September 27, 2014

Message In A Bottle

We were putting up the porch ceiling a couple of days ago when Marion said, "We should put a time capsule in there."  He does this with all his restorations, and I've always thought it was a great idea.

I got an old Mason jar with a zinc lid out of the box of a dozen I bought at an auction several years ago (really cheap because some of them are Kerr jars with Ball lids!) and assembled the time capsule.

I put in the junky photo of the house in 1906

and the photo of Mr. and Mrs. Kenney from 1947

and the photo of the house in 2006, a week or so after I bought it.

I labeled all the photos so that whoever finds it would understand the evolution of the house, threw in a shiny 2014 penny, and wrote them a letter:

"To Whomever Finds This:
Firstly, I hope you're finding this because you're making repairs to the front porch and not because you're removing it completely or, Heaven forbid, tearing down the house.
This house was built about 1887 by James Crawford Kelly, and some member of his family lived in it until the mid-1950s.  Trails Regional Library (if it still exists when you find this) has a copy of the Kelly Family History, should you want to know more about them.  I bought the house in 2006 after it had stood vacant for several years.  The seller, Marijoe Cameron, told me that she finally decided to sell the house to me because I loved it so much.  I hope that you reading this love the house as much as I do.  She's a lovely old girl.  Please take good care of her.
Jayne Elizabeth Neville
September 24, 2014"

Then I asked Marion if he wanted to write a note as well.  He declined, but suggested that I add a line to my own note saying that I would come back from my grave and haunt anyone who ruined the house.  I thought that was a bit dramatic (although it's true) so I left the note as it was and screwed the lid on the jar tightly.  Marion set the jar in the ceiling just above the front door.

Song of the Day:  Charlie Robison, Photograph 


  1. Very cool.

    It's amazing the change (for the good) that your house has taken since you purchased it. It was so dark and now it is light and happy.

    Good job Jayne and Mare, too.

    1. Thanks, Jan! One of my neighbors said if the house could talk, it would say, "I can breathe!" :)

  2. We did something similar when working on our house. We stashed a sunday newspaper in a wall, a Time magazine in a closet ceiling, a jar with some coins a dollar bill etc in the pipe chase. It was fun to see what the kids thought we needed to put in the time capsule.

    1. I wish I'd thought to put a newspaper in there! Mare once drew a detailed map on the back of a letter describing where a box of money was buried, set fire to the paper so that half of it burned away, and then stashed it in a staircase he was building. He didn't really bury a box of money, but he likes to think of someone in the future digging holes all over the property looking for it!

  3. Jayne, you should have included a picture of you and Mare and your son working on the porch! Next owners just may be as tickled as can be to see the people who worked on the house!

    1. Oh, Lottie, I wish we'd thought of that! That did give me an idea though...we'll see how it turns out. ;)

  4. I love it! I've been wanting to do this as well. If I ever get around to closing stuff back up that I tear apart, I'm going to do this. Good idea on what you chose to enclose in your capsule. I would definitely add the part about haunting (I'd do the same). :)

  5. Nina, the tearing apart is fun and usually free. It's always the putting back together where we run into trouble. :)