Friday, August 8, 2014


I was standing on the front porch (well, actually, the front slab) talking to my bestie Amy and scraping paint off a piece of corner trim when a van pulled up to the curb.  Amy said, "Jaynie, you have company."  I turned to see a young lady of late teens or early twenties walking up the sidewalk.  She smiled and handed me a small envelope, saying only, "Be sure you read the front, the middle, and the back!" before she skipped back down the sidewalk and left.

Inside the envelope was a little handmade card.

The front: 

The middle:

The back:

I laughed out loud at the surprise and the sweetness of it.  That girl has no idea how much this little card meant to me today.

When I went to supper tonight (at a bar called The Spotted Pig because I waited until nearly 9 pm to stop working on the house) I tried to give the card to my son's friend Jamie, who's a waitress there.  She laughed and said, "Somebody already gave me one--but give it to Heather because she's had a bad day and she's sitting all alone."

So I walked over to Heather, who I don't know, and handed her the card.  She looked puzzled at first, and then a huge smile broke across her little face.  "Thank you so much!" she said.  "I will pass it on!"

What a fantastic idea.

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