Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I'm still really excited about that witness mark above the front door.  Which is good, because between rain and weird work schedules, we haven't been able to do any more work on the front porch demolition.

But little by little over the past few days, I did manage this:

Yep, I scraped off the rest of the loose paint and primed.  I even caulked a little bit.

Libbi Dog offered me moral support and kisses when the going got tough.

I'm hoping for good weather and a high degree of motivation this week to get the back of the house finished up.

Who thinks that the fabric on the patio furniture cushions needs to be replaced with something brighter?


  1. I like what I think of as "striped awning" colors for outdoor stuff.

  2. What Karen said.

    Thumbs up on wide stripes.

    Sunbrella has a lot different fabrics. Maybe you can just get slipcovers for the cushions.

  3. This is looking good! Go, you! Jan is right, there's a lot of great outdoor fabric available if the cushions are still in good shape.

  4. The cushions are in really good shape, so I was thinking I'd just buy different fabric and make slipcovers. I like the idea of wide stripes. It would be cheerful.