Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Coal Miner's Despair

A couple of days ago a For Sale sign appeared in the yard of White Trash Bob's house.  Or, more correctly, what used to be WTB's house.  Seeing that sign kinda put the period at the end of the sentence that WTB has really and truly left us.  Sigh.

But WTB wouldn't want me to be all maudlin about it.  So enough of that.

What you ought to know is that it's a great house, a really great house that was well-tended by someone who loved it, a sturdy brick Victorian built in 1895 by a coal miner or coal mine owner or something, and Bob always jokingly called it The Coal Miner's Despair. The kitchen is gorgeous and it has a cooktop in the island.  (Swoon!)  The neighborhood is beautiful, really one of the best in my little town, and you can boast that you live in the Old Neighborhoods National Register Historic District.  All that, and you'd be my across-the-street neighbor, too, if you bought WTB's house!  (I'll try to keep that as a plus to buying the house, not a minus.)

Oh, you want to know what it looks like?  Well, here's a link to the listing.  Lots of photos there.  

ps:  Long-time readers may recall when I nearly listed my own house for sale, and at the time I said I knew two realtors who I would trust with my life.  The realtors who have the listing for WTB's house are those realtors.  They love old houses, and it shows. 


  1. Great house.

    All it needs is white wicker on that front porch.

  2. I agree, Jan! That porch is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful brick home! Love it!

    1. Me too. It's a beautiful home.