Tuesday, September 24, 2013

If Weights Could Talk

The other day I was poking around under the side porch--more about that in a later post--and I found this thing in the dirt under the porch.  It's metal, about a foot long, and heavy.  I asked on Twitter and Facebook, what the heck is it??  "It's a window sash counter weight," my friend Jim said.  Others agreed.

I'd seen window sash weights before, but not ones that look like this.  The ones I'd seen were much smaller, square, and much lighter in weight.  For smaller windows, I suppose.

But that got me thinking...

How did this window weight get under the side porch?  Who put it there and why?  Did it come from this house?

I'll probably never know the answers to those questions.  If only window weights could talk...


  1. I've never seen square ones. All the ones around here look like that one. The length, of course, depending on the size/weight of the sash they are holding. They're all over the place. I found some in my attic. I'm not sure where they went. I need some short ones if you find any.

  2. I think there might be some short ones at the flea market. I'll look on my days off and let you know.

  3. We found window weights, old jars, broken dishes...anything that was not compostable ended up under the porches. I guess if you didn't have garbage pick-up it worked for them.

    1. I need to look under there more carefully! There could be all sorts of interesting stuff under there. (Besides spiders, I mean.)