Sunday, August 11, 2013

Under The Weather

Thursday I worked ten hours on the front of the house and I have this to show for it.

Some of that primer was already there.  

Yep, that's it.  Not really much of a difference from last week, is it?  That paint's really tough to take off.  I thought about just painting over it, but it's really cracked so it does have to come off.  Eventually.

Friday I was determined to make visible progress.  And then it rained all day.  Not pouring rain that would've improved the drought conditions around here, just a light misting rain off and on all day.  Enough to keep me from scraping paint, because when the clapboards are damp they're soft and the scraper damages them.  After messing about aimlessly inside the house for a few hours, two things occurred to me:

Hey, I have really wide eaves on this house.

And, I have a front porch.

(It should also occur to you, and me, that I'm not very smart because it took me until mid-morning to figure that out.)

So I worked "under the weather" beneath the eaves on the front of the house and got it primed...
Photo taken Saturday afternoon in the sunshine.

And "under the weather" on the front porch to put one coat of paint on this (which didn't need to be scraped, so it went fast)...
 ...and the little fiddly pieces of the screened porch too...
and by dark on Friday night I felt like I was making progress after all.

Which motivated me on Saturday to put a coat of paint on the front of the house...

...and now I'm hopeful that I might finish the front of the house by mid-September so it looks presentable when people come into town for the Old Homes Tour.


  1. It's going to look awesome when your done! You have so much energy, send some to California, will ya? :)

    1. Thanks, Debbie! Sending you some energy to California!

  2. Yea!!
    I am so pleased to see your progress. You are making progress and it looks great.
    I notice you are using your before picture. I like iy, it looks like you.
    Press on, you can do it.

    1. "By perseverance the snail reached the ark." That's my motto! lol

  3. The front porch is looking beautiful.

    On the tour website the log house was "found inside another house"??? :-)

    1. Thanks, Karen Anne.

      Oh, it's such a cool story about the log house! A house on Highland Avenue was being torn down when they removed an outer wall and saw the logs inside. (Highland Avenue is another of the National Register Historic Districts in Lexington; it's the street that runs along the bluff above the Missouri River.) Anyhow, the house had been re-sided and added onto over the years and the small log house was completely covered by the newer construction, hence their saying the log house was "inside" another house. The owners donated the log house to the Lexington Historical Association and each log was numbered as it was disassembled and stored in someone's garage or machine shed for awhile until it was rebuilt log by log at another location. It was operated as the Log House Museum for awhile, then an antique shop, and now I believe it's privately owned. It's at Main Street & Broadway in Lexington if you want to look it up on Google Maps.

  4. It's looking good! Came over to cheer the progress! Whoot!