Monday, November 5, 2012

Down The Rabbit Hole

The last 57 times I've checked the weather forecast for my days off (Wednesday through Saturday) it predicted the same thing:  sunny or mostly sunny all four days and not a chance of rain.  This is good paint-scraping weather.  I will be scraping paint.  I will.  Honest.

But while I'm scraping paint, I'll be thinking about what to do with my bathroom floor.  Right now it looks like this:

It's not horrible, but I don't like it.  Also, it's been there for a couple of decades by my estimate and it looks pretty dingy, even right after I scrub it.  (Which, admittedly, hasn't happened in a while.)

Now, this is where I stop to make y'all aware of something:  Milah is a genius.  And an enabler.  A genius enabler.  Or, an enabling genius.  Either way, she's really smart.  She thinks of things I wouldn't, and then she tells me about them so that I start to think about them too.  Milah suggested vinyl plank flooring, which is water-resistant, durable, and inexpensive.  I like it.  I had about decided on this for the bathroom floor:

TrafficMaster in Hickory
Image via

It would look really good against the white beadboard (which I will tell you more about later) and the robin-egg-blue walls.  It reminds me of this inspiration photo I pinned to one of my Pinterest boards about a year ago.
See more gorgeousness at House of Turquoise

I like that floor...but I don't love it.  Then I remembered that Milah had also said it's possible to paint vinyl floors.  I googled images of that and fell down into a very large rabbithole.  Now I'm in love with the idea of painting the ugly vinyl floor in my bathroom.  These are my favorites:
Love the fishscale and the colors.
Image via Lovely Crafty Home

I like that the stencil looks like a bigger version of
hex tile.  I'm not brave enough to use this leaf green color.
Image via Apartment Therapy
This is actually painted subfloor, but it would
work on vinyl as well.  I adore the stencil but
is it too busy for my little bathroom?
Image via Lovely Etc.

That last image led me to the Cutting Edge Stencils website, which has tons of gorgeous stencils that would work on floors as well as walls.  (Another rabbithole, right there.)

So what do y'all think?  Should I go with vinyl plank or paint the bathroom floor?  Which stencil would you go with?  Colors?  


  1. I was considering vinyl plank flooring for one of our other houses. It was on sale the last time I looked at a Lumber Liquidators catalog.

    I'm hoping for good weather, too. We need to finish the cedar shingles on the east wall of the kitchen. Working outside in 38 degree weather is slow going. My fingers don't work too good when they are frozen.

  2. I sort of like that paisley stencil. It's a little busy, but if you colors that are quite close to one another, it could look very subtly textured. On the other hand, it's hard to go wrong with oak or maple flooring.

  3. I would be worried that after spending so long painting the vinyl floor it would scratch really easily. I'm not sure how you'd finish it, but stenciling is a lot of work. Personally, I would replace it...

    I keep watching our weather too, but every time we reach a day that was supposed to be "sunny", I look out the window and it's raining. =(

  4. I like the first photo, maybe because it reminds me of the Douglas Fir flooring that was hidden under the linoleum in my previous house.

    Also, has to be easier/faster than stenciling and maybe more durable.

  5. LOL! I've been called a lot of things, but never a genius enabler! I love it!

    I love the turquoise room pic with the dark floor. It will last longer. Thats my vote.

  6. I installed vinyl plank flooring in my living room, hall, and bathroom, and I love it! It looks great, is easy to care for, and is very water resistant. I used Mannington's Adura planks, a better quality than the HD Trafficmaster.

    If you end up not liking it, then paint it after.

    There's also new ceramic tile that looks just like plank wood. It's pretty amazing.

  7. I looked at Lowe's vinyl plank flooring when I was out there a few days ago. Not impressed. But I have heard good things about other brands, which ones escape me at the moment.

    Ref Kelly's comment, I have Mannington floors (not woodlike) in my kitchen and entryway and they are excellent.