Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Possibly the best moment in the whole history of Twitter just occurred.

Bear with me for a bit of backstory, k?

Daniel Hudson  (DHuddy41) is a pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.  He's a nice guy and one of my favorite players.  This is Daniel Hudson in action:

Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America

Daniel Hudson has a dog named Buckley.  This is Buckley in action:
Photo by Daniel Hudson

When Buckley's mom (aka Mrs. Daniel Hudson) bought a new couch and then announced that Buckley would not be allowed to sleep on it (that's the old couch in the photo), Buckley took to Twitter to protest, creating his own account (BuxHuddy41) with the hashtag #WemmeSweepOnDaCouch to campaign for couch privileges.  Buckley's supporters (and y'all know I support dogs on couches!) are known as the #RollAwoundSkwad and we #SwapPaws over small victories.

With me so far?  Okay.  That brings us to Tuesday night, when I was looking for something to make me laugh because, as y'all know, this has not exactly been the best week.  (By the way, Charlie had surgery Monday to remove dead tissue and infection from his hand and he's still in the hospital.  We now know he has an infection called MRSA, which you can read more about here, or you can just take my word for it that it's nasty, icky stuff which you would not wish on your worst enemy.)  Anyhow, I may or may not have posted this photo to my Twitter feed:
Photo via Emergency Cute Stuff on Twitter

Followed by this picture:
Photo via Emergency Cute Stuff on Twitter

Followed by this tweet:  "Oh my, the cuteness!  I am in danger of RT-ing everything from EmergencyPuppy!"

Enter my friend Matthew, who I adore but who is badly in need of some silliness in his life.  He's very serious and earnest.  His job somehow involves handling other people's money--I think he's an investment banker or a stockbroker or something like that--and maybe if I had to do math all day I'd be serious and earnest and ever-so-slightly cranky all the time too.

Matthew (not "Matt", not ever) tweeted me:  "Please don't."
I replied:  "But, but--that little dog doing yoga is so, well, CUTE."
And then:  "Maybe you'd prefer the cat singing a Collective Soul tune?  I have that in my arsenal too."
Matthew:  "All forms of animal cruelty as far as I am concerned."
Me:  "I'm guessing you don't follow BuxHuddy41 either...."
Matthew:  "You are correct.  Nor will I even look at it."

And then something wonderful happened.  Something marvelous.  Something that is quite possibly the best Twitter moment ever.

Buckley Hudson entered the conversation.

Oh yes, he did.

Buckley Hudson tweeted, "Fow shame.  #SomePeopowMan"



  1. MRSA, Charlie doesn't do things by half, does he?

    All pets deserve couch access.

  2. Nope, Charlie goes all out in everything he does--even illness, apparently. After I wrote this, I noticed on Daniel Hudson's Twitter feed that Buckley can sleep on the couch now. :)

  3. Pass my sympathies on to Charlie. I was wondering if it would turn out to be MRSA- it's often misdiagnosed as a spider-bite at first. I've had it twice on different parts of my body: no idea where I picked it up.
    I love the idea of emergency puppy! I'd be more inclined to go with emergency kitty, but that pic of the puppy eating his sibling's face is adooorble.

  4. Re tweet on side panel. I too saw those photos of Romney in brown face for the Univision interview. Given his comments about Latinos in the infamous video, I think it was deliberate.

  5. Still sending best of karma to Charlie. The rest of the story? Hilarious!

  6. MRSA BOO....hope he recovers quickly.

    Dogs/cats on couch....LOL We had a dog named Buffy who was not suppose to get on the couch. We left the house one day and when we returned we came in through the front door instead of through the garage. Since Buffy didn't hear the garage door go up she didn't wake up from her nap on the sofa (all 4 feet in the air and head on pillow). We could see her through the side lights and rattled the door knob. She about tied herself in a knot trying to get off the sofa and immediately laid down on the floor in front of the sofa. When we walked in the room she looked at us like "see....I'm a good doggie. I'm sleeping on the floor.

  7. Karen Anne, I think it was deliberate too. The Daily Kos referred to him as a "Tanderer". Funny stuff.

    Jan, That's too funny!!

  8. Yep, he came home Wednesday afternoon. I wrote a post last night, but I see it didn't publish. Hmmm. I'll have to try that again.