Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here Kitty, Part 2

Charlie came over to my house after he got off work yesterday.

"What're you doin?" he asked.

"I'm lookin for Louis so I can put him in the house before I go to work," I said.  "I've been lookin for him for 20 minutes and I can't find him."

Usually when I'm looking for Louis Cat, I step out into the alley and yell, "Louuuuuis, c'mere buddy!" a couple of times and he comes running from wherever he's been visiting.  I wish I could put a little camera around his neck so I know where he spends his time when he's not in the yard.

Charlie and I looked in all of Louis Cat's favorite spots:  under the concrete bench in Floyd and Gwen's garden, behind the azalea bush in Martha's yard, on my front porch.  No Louis.

So Charlie went out into the alley and yelled, "Willis!  Hey, Willllllliiiiis!  C'mere buddy!"

Willis?  Who the heck is Willis?

Charlie said, "Where'd I get that?  I must be losin my mind."

 I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe.

Then Louis came running down the alley meowing.

Apparently he also answers to Willis.

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