Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best Haul Ever

Two days ago I noticed that the original Victorian porch railing was being torn off the house down the street.  (And replaced with treated lumber--egads!--but that's a rant for another time.)  So I put a note with my phone number on the pieces and parts of the porch strewn all over their front yard.

Yesterday a man called me.  "Y'all left a note about that porch stuff?  If you want it, you better come get it 'cause we're fixin' to throw it away."

Throw it away?!  Throw away porch balusters over a hundred years old?!  I don't think so.  

Charlie was at work and I couldn't find another truck to borrow on such short notice, so I loaded it all up in my Kia Soul.  The cost?  Nothing but the sweat of my brow.  Yep, the guy gave it to me for free.  Free!!
Five pieces of top rail, three with balusters attached, all those loose balusters, and a 10-foot-long piece of handrail from some other part of the house, which the guy insisted I take.  I looked at the bottom rail, but it was rotten, so I left it for the guy to throw away.  

I don't have room to store it here, so I took it out to my mom's house and put it in her shed.
Check out those spindles.  So pretty.  I figure there are more than enough to use on my front porch.  Maybe even a few left over to use on my side porch when I get around to rebuilding that.  Now I've got my eye on another house a couple blocks away which has been condemned.  The porch posts from it are stacked up in a shed behind the house.  I'm hoping to score those too.  


  1. They replaced that with WHAT?! *shudder*

  2. Looks like you've got yourself a winter project in stripping the balusters etc.

    Nice score.

  3. Lucky you!

    Don't let any grass grow under your feet about the stuff at the condemned house.

  4. YAY! Fingers crossed that you score more goodies at the condemned house.

  5. Another for the "separated at birth" evidence file ... :-)

  6. Great for the Kelly House, but now do you have to look at your neighbor's pressure-treated slop? Yikes.

  7. The neighbor's porch looks really crappy with the new railing and the old porch posts sistered in to unpainted lumber. Jeez.

  8. NV, I most definitely think we were separated at birth!! :)

  9. Score! You know a power washer might take the paint off these. I'd take a few to the car wash and see what happens.