Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Very Good Day

Today was a very good day.  The weather, for once, wasn't quite so blazing hot as it usually is and so Charlie and I worked a solid seven hours on the house.  Wait.  The end of that sentence might be a bit-too-generous retelling of what actually happened.

Maybe I'll just show you instead.

Charlie almost finished the last section of the dining room bay:

He said those little pieces were starting to get on his nerves, so he climbed up on the scary roof of the bay and scraped the whole gable.
When Charlie scraped the paint off, three clapboards fell apart.  Apparently the paint was the only thing holding them together.  So we drove to the lumberyard in Richmond to buy three new clapboards.  Charlie took off the attic vent cover, removed the old clapboards, cut the new ones to length, nailed them in, and then replaced the vent cover.  (While being dive-bombed by wasps, I might add.)

While he was up there, he also pulled off the trim boards under the eaves so I could start stripping them.

I got this far:
There are three pieces.  I got some of the paint off two of them.  The third one is untouched.

And then I did this:
Oh, and also this:
Told y'all Charlie gets a lot more done than I do.


  1. Why is that? I seem to go through the motions these days but accomplish little. I'm easily distracted or give up completely. This has not been a summer I wish to repeat.

  2. BTW, Charlie's work looks great!

  3. Looking very nice.

    The heat has been killer. Sometimes we have to just stop and call it a day before we get sick and throw up.

    We do a little here and a little there. We follow the shade in the yard.

    If it's in the sun it ain't gettin done.

  4. Milah, Amen to that! I do not wish to repeat this summer. Hope the crops in Indiana are faring better than here--they estimate we've lost at least 50% of the corn crop in Missouri.

    Dynochick, that is my new slogan: "If it's in the sun it ain't gettin done." :)

  5. re tweet - isn't that a great Curiosity shadow photo? I posted it on my facebook page.

    Someone's whining away on the nytimes comments section about the cost. Yeah, 1% of what we've spend in the Iraq war.

  6. You and I are in the very same boat … though I am lacking a “Charlie.” ;-)
    I have a Lawrence, though, who at least helps keeps things rolling!

    My bathroom, which is smaller than most people’s closets, is taking an eternity to finish, though I think I can see the end. Maybe.
    Funny that you guys have wasps at the attic vent. Every time I work on the side of the house, or sometimes at the back just around the corner, I am repeatedly dive-bombed by wasps. Some have now taken up residence behind the shutter of one of my bedroom windows so just WALKING on that side of the house can bring them out in numbers. B*stards!

  7. Karen Anne, That photo--and indeed, the whole mission--fascinates me. I agree with you completely about the cost. Miniscule in comparison to the cost of the war, and we're not being killed and killing people.

    NV, Wasps. Hate em!

  8. That color looks really great!