Thursday, June 21, 2012


Nothing of major importance to report, and I won't bore y'all with another photo of scraped paint, but here's an update on a couple of things.

The Historic Preservation Commission approved my paint colors.  Hurrah!  I bought a couple of testers but I haven't painted a patch of the house with them yet.  (I submitted 2 colors to HPC because I hadn't made up my mind, and the whole shebang was approved.)  When I do, I'll post a photo on here and let y'all vote on which you like best.

Charlie went to Court on Tuesday and his lawyer told him when he got there that the case has been continued until sometime in July.  I don't know whether to take a continuance as a good sign or not, so I'm continuing my present course of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

I'm rethinking not having internet at the house.  It's a little bit of a pain in the hiney to have to go to the library or McDonald's to get on the internet.  (Spoiled middle-class Americans and their "problems", right??)  I'm weighing now the little bit of inconvenience against the cost.  We'll see.

Mare (he of the porch-building, kitchen-renovating extravanganza three years ago) made a brief appearance in my side yard last week to talk about the sale of the house down the street.  It's the oldest frame house in Lexington (built in 1839) and, for Mare, it'll always be The One That got Away.  He lived in it for years, put heart and soul into its repairs, but in the end just didn't have the money to remain there.  That's his everlasting regret.  To find out that it sold at auction for less than its market value--and a price that Mare could almost have afforded--added insult to injury.  I felt bad for him.

And now, I must go scrape some paint.  Follow me on Twitter for the latest on that saga.


  1. Hang in there, girl! And be careful working outside this weekend. It's supposed to be a scorcher!

    I'm busy trying to figure out why I can't post to my blog! ;( Three days now ...

  2. Tweeting about light pollution, I have new neighbors who floodlight their yard (and my windows.) They are in the process of adding another light and just put up a video camera.

    There hasn't been a house burglary out here in the boonies since the area started being built on in 1920, but whatever. (rolls eyes, considers light blocking shades, says thank you that the night animals still visit my deck feeders.)

    My cousin down the street has similar floodlight neighbors.

  3. NV, Saturday wasn't too bad; Sunday was horrible so I didn't work on the house at all. The forecast for my days off this week is 98, 97, 98. Ugh. Hope you got your Blogger problem fixed.

    Karen Anne, Floodlight neighbors?? I would hate that! I sometimes threaten to put up lights so I can work late at night, but I'd never actually do it. I have light-blocking curtains on my bedroom windows and they really help.