Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pitiful Progress

Here's my  meager progress for today:
Pitiful.  It was nice weather today and I was hoping to get a lot more done.  However, I have the upper body strength of a six-year-old, so it's slow going.  I took a break mid-afternoon to whine to my friend John about how difficult it is to remove the paint. 

"Use a heat gun," he said.

"I'm afraid I'll burn the house down," I told him. 

"I'd be a little worried about that too," he admitted, "but keep it moving, hold it on there just until the paint softens, and you'll be okay."

So I tried it.  To absolutely no effect.  In fact, I think I heard the paint laughing at me. 

Back to the carbide scraper I went.  By the end of the summer, maybe I'll muscle up to the strength of a ten-year-old.


  1. Of all the jobs I've preformed around here, scrapping paint has got to be the worst!

  2. The one time I tried to use a heat gun I just wound up with a gummy mess that smeared onto the area I'd already scraped and sunk into the wood. It nearly made me cry. I went back to scraping and using progressively finer sandpaper.
    The house is definitely showing progress!

  3. I'm scraping paint indoors and it always feels better when you find someone else going through the same agony. It's looking great!