Saturday, April 21, 2012

Progress (Finally)

Finally, some progress here at the house.  The planets must have been aligned just right on Friday, because I had the day off, Charlie got home early, I was motivated (and didn't have arthritis troubles) and the weather stayed nice.

I got all but two strips of wallpaper in the front parlor done.  I'm hoping to finish that next week on one of my days off.  Then I can go buy picture rail and start painting it.  (Ack.)  Charlie mowed the grass (but not the flowers!) and cleaned out the gutters.  I have no trees, but my neighbor to the west has a couple that are right on the property line and they really fill up my gutters with leaves, acorns and sticks.  Charlie climbed up on the front porch roof and shouted down, "GODDAM!  There's a truckload of leaves and stuff up here!!"  (Bet my neighbors loved hearing that...)  I thought he was exaggerating until he backed his pickup up next to the house and raked everything off the roof into the back of it.  Indeed, there was a truckload of leaves and stuff. 

Today Charlie had to work at his real job, which he went to with much grumbling about having to work on a Saturday when he'd rather go fishing.  I briefly considered finishing the wallpaper and then decided it was just too nice to stay inside.  So, I went out to the east wall of the house (which looked like this the last time I showed it to you, but has since been completely scraped and caulked) and put a coat of paint on it.  I have several other spots of peeling paint on my house, but that east wall was the worst.  It's all done but three or four clapboards which are too high for me to reach without borrowing Floyd's taller ladder.  Come to think of it, I think I might leave that painting for someone I know who happens to be nearly a foot taller than I am....

And now, I'm going to the Royals game with Sarah.  Our beloved Royals are off to a very rough start this year, so I hope they win tonight. 


  1. I have compost envy :-) What I could do with those leaves!

    Here I have no leaf shedding trees in my small yard, but out in California I had a gold mine of leaves. Usually now in the fall I rake up leaves from a derelict house near me, but Katrina did away with those last year.

  2. Go, Jayne, on the wallpaper and siding! Go, Charlie, on the lawn! Go, Royals at the K!

    (Well, two out of three . . . )