Saturday, April 28, 2012

Done! (Sorta)

The wallpaper in the front parlor is finally done! 

I think it looks especially nice around the fireplace.
I've gone from wallpaper painted over with hideous baby blue paint, to bare plaster, to this wallpaper.  In only three short years!  (Or maybe four...)

Of course, the room's not done.  I still have to finish painting the shoe moulding.  (At the rate I'm going, that will be another three-year project.)  The trim on the door between the front parlor and the foyer still has holes in it from the hinges back when the doors were in two pieces, so I need to finish filling that in with wood putty, sand, and paint.  And--biggest project yet to do in here--I have to buy picture rail, paint it, and then enlist someone's help to hang it.  (Hey, Charlie!)  The buying of the picture rail will happen on my next days off, after I happily discovered that it's just 45 cents a foot.  For the first time, something costs less than I thought it would. 

After Sarah told me that my bare couch looked like it belonged in a doctor's office, I went out and bought a throw and some pillows to warm it up.  Sarah approves.

The couch is all alone in the front parlor.  It needs a cushy chair and an end table and a coffee table or an ottoman to keep it company.  Some of those things I have, but I'm holding off moving them in here until we finish the picture rail.  Still, the parlor's starting to look like a real room that someone might actually be able to live in, rather than a construction site.

Well, except for this....
Maybe someday I'll have a nice window seat or chaise lounge here like a normal person would. 


  1. Super, super! It's amazing.

    And I like the pillows on the couch, too.

  2. Awesome!

    You've sanded, painted, stripped, scrapped, puttied, patched, papered, stained, varnished, clamped and glued! Did I miss anything?
    It turned out beautiful and I can't wait to see it all decorated.

  3. Yeaaaaaaa!!!!!!

    When ya gonna open up the fireplace, huh, huh, when, huh, when!?

    (Yeah, yeah, I'll go soak my head!)

  4. Karen Anne, Thanks!

    Milah, I think that about covers it. I got tired just reading that. :)

    Kate, The fireplace was never open--it's a "dummy" mantel just to look pretty & originally there would've been a heater in front of it (probably coal-burning) for warmth. Charlie patched the stovepipe hole before I papered. I do have another fireplace that's coal-burning in the other parlor.

  5. Super dooper AWESOME!

    And I so feel your pain. (You know the kitchen AND bathroom I started 2+ years ago and have only made minimal progress on since ... ahem. ;-) )

    Progress is great and you're inspiring me.