Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hell's Bells

I am not good at making decisions.  I get nervous if I have to spend more than a hundred bucks at a time.  I lack the gene or whatever it is that makes some people able to perfectly arrange furniture.

So this week when I picked out a new couch and a new area rug, bought them, and then tried to figure out where to put them in the front parlor I almost broke out in hives. 

I bought the couch at my aunt and uncle's furniture store.  I went there three days in a row and sat on almost every couch in there.  My Aunt Helen, clearly concerned about my mental health, patted me on the shoulder and said, "I'll just let you look some more, hon" before escaping to her little kitchen at the back of the store.  On the third day the heavens smiled upon me and my friend Shirley was there.  She's one of the owners of Riley's Pub, where I went when I was trying to decide what color to paint my house.  Back then I threw a dozen or so paint chips on a table in frustration and let Shirley pick the colors.  Ten minutes later, she'd picked the main color and the three trim colors.  Based on that history, I showed Shirley the five couches (yes, five) I was debating among.  "That one," she said right away.  I bought it.

When my Uncle Arlie delivered the couch he asked me where I wanted him to put it. 
"There," I said. 
Then, "No, there."
After he walked over there, "Maybe it looks better over here?"
And finally, "Oh Hell's bells, just leave it in the middle and I'll decide later."

Then I moved it around 47 more times.  Which caused Charlie to say in alarm, "You pushed that thing all over the new floor?!?!"  Of course not.  Well, not without an inch of paper towels under each leg, anyway.

And now, it's here, on the only long wall in the front parlor.
Pay no attention to the lampshade, the tape measure, the ladder, and the running dog.
I like it there best.  It opens up the room more and makes it easier to place other furniture around it.

And it even looks good with the wallpaper.  (Which I really need to finish.)

There's only one teeny tiny problem.  See that long black cord in the first photo?  There to the right of the sofa, strung across the mantel?  Yeah, that.  That's the television cable. 

So the tv would be behind the couch.  That's new and different. 

Unless I can get the cable company to come over and move the cable to another corner, preferably the one diagonally from where it is now.  A corner in which my tv stand may or may not fit. 

Hell's bells.


  1. Unless you get a wireless tv receiver. Then you can put your tv wherever you want and hide the transmitter behind the couch.

    First time commenter here. :)

  2. I don't have in my mind the floorplan of that room. If the tv is a flatscreen, could you mount it on the wall across from the sofa?

    That's a great neutral sofa. It looks ideal with the wallpaper, imho.

    Cable cords come in white.

  3. I'm going to second Karen Anne, why don't you just swap out the cable for white and then neatly tack it along the baseboard. Nobody would ever know!

    That room is comming along great!

  4. Be very careful if you go with a wireless transmitter & receiver - find one with very good reviews. Currently I have to step over a cable to walk across my living room because the wireless crap stopped working after a while.

    It might be less expensive to just call the cable company to relocate the cable for you if you have a doorway between where cable is now & where you want it.

  5. Love your new sofa. I know what you mean by trying to make the correct decision. I think I made a wrong choice on the last one that I bought. Have a great week!

  6. Great choice! I'm excited to see this room come together. And, I like what Bradley said, switch the cable for white and tuck it along the baseboard. Once you bring all the other furnishings in you'll never notice it.

  7. Love the couch! But now I have ACDC stuck in my head...

  8. Oh, Jayne, your house is really coming together! Keep up the good work. Eventually, you'll settle on the right combo. And, in the interim, you might want to pick up a set of those sliders. It will save your floor AND your back! ;-)

  9. D*mmit! I just read Blue Shoe's comment and now I am hearing AC/DC, too.