Sunday, February 5, 2012

Before & During

I can't really call these before-and-after photos because we're still a long way from "after", so I'll say they're before-and-during pictures. 

Front parlor before

Front parlor sanded

(Looks uneven because I hadn't run the ShopVac yet.)

I couldn't get a before picture of the foyer because Charlie was half-done in there before I even knew he'd started, but here's what it looked like after he was finished sanding. 

And saving the worst for last...the dining room.  This is the room I was most worried about because it had so much damage to it.  Several years before I bought the house, the neighbor's tree fell over in a storm and poked a big hole in the roof of my house.  I'm not sure of the particulars, but the end result was a pretty large patch of water damage (about 4'x4') on the floor and the total replacement of the original plaster ceiling in there with sheetrock.


Not so ugly.

The floors are pine, narrow-width boards maybe an inch and a quarter.  Oddly, the dining room floor's made from hundreds of short little pieces.  (You can bigify the pictures and compare the foyer floor to the dining room floor to better see what I'm talking about.)  In places we could see the original stain and varnish.  The floors were stained sort of a maple color originally.  I'm thinking of going a bit darker to even out some of the bad places in the floors that didn't completely sand out, like maybe an oak or walnut. 

Last night I had a nightmare that while I slept, some creature came into the house and turned the floors black again.  In the dream, it was sort of like a giant land-dwelling squid that poured out ink.  I woke up terrified about 6 a.m. and ran into the dining room, then through the front parlor and into the foyer.  The floors, of course, had not turned black.  What a relief.


  1. Wow! What a transformation! This ranks up there with the shingle removal! A new finish onn those floors will be gorgeous!

  2. I am so surprised. I didn't even recognized you.

  3. It looks great. I'm curious why you've left the base shoe moulding on rather than remove it to sand under it? Just curious.

  4. Wow.

    It's amazing how much sanding the floors can take a room from old and grungy to fresh and clean.

    Are all the floors are pine, or just some? That last picture has some awesome figuring in the wood that I didn't know occurred in pine. Either way, they're beautiful.

    (and I love the door hinge that is showing in the one picture. I'm a sucker for fancy hardware and steeple hinges in particular)

  5. I'd be worried about the baseboard stuff breaking if it was removed.

  6. 1) what gorgeous floors and other assets in the Charlie picture :):)
    2) do we sense some stripping coming...( get all collective minds out of the gutter. I mean the paint!)
    3) I hope that in the process of sanding, the sander did not go cross grain.. it will show even after any finish goes on. These are great spaces!

  7. Milah, I think the floor refinishing is a very close second to the shingle removal!

    Reuben, Two reasons: 1) The floor goes right up to & just barely under the shoe moulding. In places there's a gap between the flooring & the moulding. 2) We were afraid we'd break it taking it off.

    Plantingoaks, They smell like pine, and in most places they look like pine...but I agree, there's some really pretty graining that usually doesn't occur with pine. I love those steeple hinges too, especially now that they're no longer covered with paint.

    Karen Anne, Us too.

    Anonymous, He is a long tall drink of water, ain't he?! ;)
    I was wondering if someone would catch that he did go cross-grain--just for the first pass, and only where the glue was really thick. After that, he went with the grain.

    ittybittybungalow, Thanks!

  8. He has an aunt who sends you food? I think you should ask WTB about this guy, and if he okays him, keep him :-)

  9. Karen Anne, Yes, Aunt Tiny sends food with me almost every night that I work! Last night it was chicken & noodles, tonight it's turkey with oyster dressing. WTB and Charlie have met each other...we borrowed a big drywall knife from WTB. They circled each other like cats. LOL!

  10. If wtb and Charlie are sizing up, what until the "floor guy" enters the ring! VIDEO this to show all! Seriuosly, how nice to have good help all around.

  11. Those floors look fabulous already!

  12. Oh boy....looking good.

    I so can't wait to do this to our floors.