Sunday, January 22, 2012


By now, I thought I'd have most of the front parlor papered, the china cabinet packed up, and the furniture moved out of the dining room.  That was the plan as of Thursday afternoon.

But you know what happens with best-laid plans...

First, as I was getting ready to hang more wallpaper Thursday afternoon, I noticed that the trim around the big window in the front parlor looked a little scroungy.  Then I realized that's because it's still white.  White.  Not Lyndhurst Estate Cream like the rest of the trim in the parlor.  Somehow, way back when, I completely missed painting that window trim. 

Then, Charles worked a 15-hour day on Thursday, which put him back in town after 11 pm....a little late to ask a normal person to help me move furniture. (Note that I, not being a normal person, would and often do begin a project after 11 pm...)  So, we rescheduled the furniture-moving and floor-prepping for Friday.  And then Charles got sick with this icky upper respiratory stuff that's going around.

Still, I have plenty to do even without the dining room floor, right?  So I got up Friday morning(ish), intending to paint that window trim.  After about an hour of walking around my house freezing and shivering and coughing my head off, I realized that no work on the house was gonna happen. 

I spent Friday and most of Saturday tucked into bed with my Nook, the kitties, my flannel jammies, and copious amounts of NyQuil and hot apple cider.  I'm feeling much better now.

Just in time to go back to work for three nights. 


  1. O joy. Hopefully this'll be it in the respiratory infection department for the rest of the winter.

    But you know, I'm not at all surprised at the interruptions and delays. Going by the way things work with my reno, I'd be more shocked if any of us got a project like that done in such a short timeframe as you planned. The only person who seems to start a project and next thing you know, it's done, is Greg at the Petch House. And even he's been at the overall effort for years.

    Get better. And God willing, there will be plenty of "Lyndhurst Estate Cream" in the can and it won't be mouldy or hard or full of little rust flakes. Which it probably would be if I were in your situation.

  2. Oh man, I had that stuff the week after Christmas. Nasty, I'm sure the kitties were wonderful nurse maids.

  3. Greg at Petch House is astounding, but then you notice he seems to collapse for a few months :-) Hi, Greg :-)

  4. Kate H., I am the Queen of Interruptions and Delays! Most of them are self-inflicted. :) I know where the paint can is...but I have the same worries as you about the paint inside.

    Christine, They are very good little foot-warmers and snugglers. :)

    Karen Anne, I agree--Greg's astounding! I'd collapse too after all that work! :)