Monday, November 14, 2011

I Have Returned!

It started on Friday.  Randy asked me if I was coming to St. Louis to have supper with him and go to a hockey game.  "Nah," I said, "The weather's supposed to be really nice and I think I'll stay home and work on my house."  Lately when I've made a statement like that two things have followed:  a bad swear at the end of that sentence, and a noticeable lack of any actual work getting done.  I didn't utter a bad swear, and y'all already know that I spent Saturday on the roof of the house. 

Then came Sunday, in which I finished all the scraping on the east side of the house.  All of it.  After that I went to the flea market in Excelsior Springs to see if the lamp I passed up two weeks ago was still there.  It was.  I bought it.  It's ugly as homemade soap right now, but I have makeover plans for it.  (Which I will share here, if it turns out well.) 

Front parlor progress
Along came Sunday night with nothing to do, so I started wallpapering the front parlor.  (One lonely little strip of paper has been hanging there since May.)  White Trash Bob and I had a discussion last week about which to do first, the paper or the picture rail, and he finally convinced me that it'd be easier to do the paper first.  I am stubborn; WTB is persistent when he's right.  It was quite a discussion and included much waving about of arms. 

Which brings us to today, in which I finished caulking almost all the clapboards on the east side of the house.  Annnd, when it got too chilly outside to be spreading caulk around with wet hands I came inside and hung up a few strips of the trellis wallpaper that goes in the space between the ceiling and the (future) picture rail.  After supper, I plan to hang up more wallpaper.

So I have not one, but two projects going on at the same time.  One outside; one inside.  Do y'all realize what this means?  It means that really and truly, at least for now, my house-loathing is over.  I went to bed last night sore and tired but happier than I've been in weeks because I got something important accomplished on the house.  Wait.  Make that two important somethings.  My house mojo has returned--and better yet, I have returned!  I feel more like myself than I have in a long time.  Hallelujah! 


  1. I declare your temporary insanity to be OUTTA HERE! You go girl!

    LOVE the two papers together. LOVE.

  2. Sweet!

    You go girl!

    Can't wait to see what you do with the lamp!

  3. It was just a dry spell. We all have those at time. The important thing is, it's OVER.