Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Front Parlor Paper

If I finish papering the front parlor without either losing what's left of my mind or falling through the windows, it will be one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.  Raising a child pretty much alone, finishing my B.A., delivering a baby over the phone, and papering the front parlor.  Yep.  The top four, right there. 

After a whole lot of angst which culminated in my taping wallpaper up with Scotch tape, I decided that all of the alcove, baseboard to ceiling, should be papered in the floral paper.  There's no picture rail in the alcove (where the stained glass windows are that "bump out" on the front of my house in the profile picture) because it's pretty much all windows. 

I can tell from the ghost marks of the picture rail that it wrapped around the corners of the alcove and stopped at the window trim.  What I can't tell is if the alcove was originally papered with two wallpapers, or just one.  So I agonized.  What did Mrs. Kelly do?  What would she want me to do now? 

The ceiling in the alcove is a few inches lower than the rest of the ceiling in the front parlor and the windows are also lower than the other window in the room.  The space between the top of the window trim there and the ceiling, though, is only 3 inches shorter.  I couldn't decide what to do.  So I taped up wallpapers in the alcove to see what it looked like with one and then with two.  One wallpaper, top to bottom, won out.  For now.  Unless I decide, once I get past that point, that it looks dumb.

But all those windows and fancy trim and windowsills wider than the trim and fluted trim under the windows mean that I have to measure and cut the paper verrrry carefully.  What's in this photo took me over an hour to do.  That's one strip of paper.  So much light comes in those windows that I'd better be extra-careful with the pattern here because any mistake will be really noticeable. And that one strip of paper is crooked, I noticed this afternoon, so it will have to come down.  Really crooked, not just a little crooked so that I can fudge it. 

I'm at work until Saturday morning, so I have plenty of time to worry over that crooked piece of paper while not having time to actually correct it.  Sigh...


  1. Once you finish this, though, you'll be able to wallpaper anything :-)

    The new picture rail will also extend into the alcove like the old did?

  2. The wallpaper is perfect! Gorgeous!

  3. I didn't notice it was crooked until you said something! LOL

    The wallpaper is very pretty!

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  6. One wall and part of another one is more like 1/3 :-) Anyway, that's a lot!

  7. Karen Anne, We agreed on 3/8ths. If you watch Big Bang Theory, John's basically Sheldon. Haha!