Thursday, November 24, 2011


What a crazy week, and this is only Wednesday.  Wait.  I mean, this is only Thursday.  Thanksgiving Day, or as we in emergency services call it, Thursday.  I think we dispatchers might be included in the firehouse Thanksgiving supper, but no one's formally invited us yet.  I'm bringing a ham sammich tonight just in case the firefighters forgot about us. 

Amy & me somewhere in IL.
Royals cap covers Bad Hair Day.
Anyhow, I had planned on painting the newly-caulked east wall of the house on my last days off, until the weather turned too cold and rainy to make that possible.  After that, I had visions of finishing the paper in the alcove of the front parlor.  But then my bestest bestie Amy called and said she was going to Tennessee to pick up her step-daughter who was in a bit of a tight spot, and would I like to come with her?  So, Saturday morning instead of going home to sleep, I hit the road to Gainesboro with Amy.  If you've never done it, I don't recommend driving across three states and into a fourth one on no sleep, even if you are sharing the driving and you're with your dearest friend.  We made the return trip to Kansas City the next day.  This taught me two things:  1. Amy is one of very few people I would willingly spend that much time in a car with; and 2. I am not cut out to be an over-the-road trucker. 

I slept 14 hours on Sunday night into Monday.  That's approaching my record of 16 hours of sleep at one stretch, achieved last winter.  (Yes, I am somewhat proud of that.)  That made me well-rested enough to tackle the front parlor paper again.  I tore down the crooked strip in the alcove and replaced it with a straight one, hung the "top" paper (the one that will go above the picture rail) all along one wall and partway across the header in front of the alcove, and made it two-thirds of the way around the alcove walls.  That alcove, with its four windows and all that trim, makes for some slow going.  Very slow going.

Maybe next week will be better.


  1. Did you drive through the mountains? I thought I'd have to sedate Christine when we drove through the Smokey Mountains. :(

    I'm really loving this room. Some day I'll have to take a road trip your way to see the Kelly house up close. And since there are no mountains between us - I'll invite Christine to come along! ;D

  2. Milah, We did drive through the mountains! Deanna's house is waaaayyyy back in the country, nestled in the hills, on a very narrow & twisty road. It's the first time my GPS has warned me of sharp curves ahead. lol

    Rumor has it that The Kelly House might be on the Christmas Homes Tour in 2012..... :)

  3. Christmas Tour! I will be there with bells on!

  4. Did you get invited to Thanksgiving dinner, or were you stuck with that ham sandwich?

    Milah, what's the mountain problem? Are there roads near the edges of cliffs? Great photo of your family on your blog.

  5. It was a goat path. A stinkin' vertical goat path. I mean STRAIT UP. No guard rails. She was driving like a maniac. Heck yeah I needed sedation! I was watching my life flash before my eyes!

    So, Jayne, are you like me and questioning why you thought wallpapering a room with trim like that was a good idea? LOL Been there.

  6. Karen Anne, Pay no attention to Christine....she got home safe and sound. ;)

  7. Maybe Christine would like to come with me the next time I drive through the downtown Boston tunnels, where the average speed is about 70 and there are many forks :-)