Saturday, July 9, 2011

What To Do?

I have four nights off.  Four.  Nights.  Off.  What to do, what to do?  I did a "lap" through the house to decide:  bedroom, second parlor, foyer, first parlor, dining room, kitchen, then back to the bedroom.  Hmm.

I really, really want to knock out the wall between the two bathrooms, just to see what it'll look like.  Since there's plumbing and electrical in that wall, that might not be the smartest thing to do.

Maybe I'd be lucky enough that the original ceiling on the back porch is still there and I could tear out that ugly acoustic tile ceiling.  A few minutes' investigation with a flashlight while standing on a chair and looking through the transom above the kitchen door proved that, of course, I am not that lucky.

The other night I had a dream that I painted my bedroom floor.  It still seems like a good idea.  Before I could do that, I'd need to move all the furniture into the second parlor, then clean the floor and sand it and prime it and....yeah, that sounds like a big pain in the hiney.  Especially since the second parlor's in shambles.

The second parlor.  That's it. 

So here's the to-do list for the next four nights/days:
  • Put a third coat of paint on the foyer side of the door.
  • Patch & paint the parlor side of that same door.
  • Finish painting the trim in the parlor.
  • Tear up the last little strip of carpet in there.
  • Scrape up the glued-down carpet pad.
  • Patch & paint the parlor side of the parlor/bedroom door.

And one more thing on the tentative, possibly, maybe, just maybe to-do list:  Brave the scary basement to try to figure out where the other end of that damn extension cord is.  There's about 18 inches of extension cord poking out of the floor in the second parlor.  (Why in the Sam Hill would someone do that?!?!)  I have no idea where it's plugged in, but White Trash Bob and I believe the basement is a good possibility. 

Wish me luck.  Photos and tales of woe to follow.


  1. Sit a flashlight on top of the hole where the extension cord goes through the floor. When you go down into the basement crawl space, you should see a shaft of light shining through the hole.

    Good luck and make sure you put something in the way of the trap door so it can't close OR take a cell phone so you can call White Trash Bob to the rescue.

  2. Yeah....ditto what dynochick Jan said!

  3. I always take my cell phone when I go under the house :-)

  4. Jan, That's a GREAT idea!! I would never have thought of that myself. Thanks so much!

    I always, always take my cell phone with me when I go to the basement or stand on a ladder. It's the South Street Rule. Did I ever tell y'all about that?

  5. I laughed out loud at Karen Anne's comment about the cell phone. I do the same (especially when I'm on the roof or in my scary attic).