Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Water

Here's a different kind of before-and-after...

This is the photo I took of the Sni Bridge in Wellington last week.  Wellington is the next town west of Lexington along the Missouri River. The woman standing on the bridge works at Catfish Charlie's, a restaurant there in Wellington.  I asked her then if the flooding had cut down on their business.  "It has, a little," she said.  This was taken before the Missouri River rose on Friday to 26.8 feet at Napoleon, which is just west of Wellington.  Flood stage at Napoleon is 17.0 feet.  (An aside to history buffs:  Lafayette County has Wellington and Napoleon, and in between is an itty-bitty town called Waterloo.  Hee hee.) 
Before the Missouri River crested.
And here's a photo of that same area, taken Friday evening:
After the river crested.
Photo courtesy of John Pinkston.
That's Catfish Charlie's on the left with the green roof.  The Sni Mini Mart is on the right.  I stood in their parking lot to take that photo last week.  Someone from Charlie's told me on Facebook yesterday that since the restaurant is on stilts, the water hasn't flooded the interior.  With the parking lot and the ramp to the door underwater, they've had to close for now.  They've sandbagged the Mini Mart and it's become a little island, so it's still open. Friday was supposed to be the crest at 26.8, but I just checked NOAA and the river's now at 27.2 feet and predicted to drop over the next several days.

I promise that I'll write about something besides water soon!

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