Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keeps Me Honest

It's not enough for me to just make a list.  To be truly motivated, I have to make a list and post it here.  Keeps me honest.

So this is my list for the next three days:

  • Haul all the Christmas decorations & assorted junk out of the closet in the second parlor.
  • Tear up the carpet in said closet.  (I forgot it had carpet until I started painting the trim.)
  • Remember to wear decent shoes (i.e., not flip flops) whilst tearing up said carpet.
  • Take up tack strip in closet and around ginormous return vent in floor.
  • Put all the stuff back in the closet in some semblance of order.
  • Donate junk as necessary.
  • Call WTB and ask him to take decent pics of hardware marks.
  • Remove transom hardware from parlor/bedroom door.
  • Strip paint from hardware.  Say bad swears as necessary.
  • Paint door trim.
  • Replace transom hardware.
  • Throw away dead plants on front porch and admit utter failure there.
  • Paint other trim in parlor.  (Some, probably not all.)
  • Take other bottom door off closet.
  • Strip door hinges.
  • Paint closet door.
  • Re-hang closet door.
  • Remember that Tuesday is Taco Night.
  • Remember that Tuesday is Taco Night in time to actually buy & consume tacos.

There.  I think that's ambitious but reasonable.  Maybe.


  1. Ah-ha! Now we will hold you accountable!

  2. Ah yes, "say bad swear words as necessary" is one of those unwritten rules when doing home renovation. I'm not even sure you'd could say you were doing it right if you left that out.

  3. I'm exhausted just reading the list. Thank goodness I don't have to actually do the work on the list.

  4. You forgot the part about prying up all the damn staples the POs tacked the carpet down with. Without first running them into your well-shod foot.

    (You did remember about the tacos this evening, si?)