Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's An Oven

This might, at first glance, appear to be a rather ordinary feature of a Queen Anne cottage.  But it's not.
It's an oven.  (An oven with a broken storm window.) 

And although in this photo it seems to be nice and shady and cool, it's not.  It's an oven.

Or at least that's how it's felt to me the past couple of days as I've been standing inside painting interior window trim with the sun blazing through the windows.  I can also verify that heat, in fact, does rise.  It's about 20 degrees cooler sitting on the floor drinking a Gatorade than it is standing on the ladder painting teeny little muntins. 

The alternative to slowly baking while I paint would be to wait until nightfall, I suppose.  But then I'd be backlit by the shop light I drag around while painting (try putting cream paint on white trim without one and just see how many spots you miss) and because my house is a tad closer to the street than most, I'd be visible for blocks to anyone walking or driving down the street.  Not to mention that occasionally, I engage in sudden fits of crazy dancing around the house whenever an INXS song comes on Pandora.  I wouldn't want anyone to have to see that.  I feel bad enough just putting that mental image in your heads, so I certainly wouldn't want to be held responsible for the psychological scarring that would surely happen if anyone actually saw that.

So, later on today after my giant nap, I'll be back up there painting.  In the oven.


  1. It's an oven here, too. It's an oven everywhere. Thermometer on the deck today read 102 in the shade. Yuck. I am a delicate flower and can't stand these temps. Pray for rain.

  2. I'd have a fan on me, I can't take the heat very well.

    While on this subject, I bought those insulated accordion type blinds that saves you 40% of your energy costs. Well, I don't know about the savings, but I pull the shades in the morning in my family room and just by blocking the morning sun it really does keep the room and house cooler.

  3. You're very brave to continue working. Such heat seems like a perfect excuse to go to a movie.

  4. Milah, Insulated according type blinds? Do you have a link?

    I was lucky to have two huge overhanging trees at my bungalow, but it still turned into an oven due to poor cross ventilation. 99 here yesterday.

  5. Hello,
    I just stumbled onto your blog from Your house is adorable, and I love the stained glass, even if it is an oven. I'm still on the removing and saving trim stage of my renovation, and I've been trying to get up really early to work, but lately, I just abandoned it due to the heat. You are a brave one. At least the oven causes the paint to dry more quickly? Good luck on your project!

  6. Karen Anne, I bought them from J C Penney.

  7. Thanks, Milah! p.s. Your son sure looks like his Dad. What a great family.