Friday, June 24, 2011



Greg told me, in the interest of fairness and accuracy, that I should've added the word "someday" to the first sentence of my last post.  As in, "Someday I'm gonna knock out this wall right here to get rid of this stupid little bathroom and make one nice-sized bathroom, and then someday that tub you're givin me will go about right there where that sink is now."  Not tomorrow.  Not next month.  Maybe not even til next year.  But someday.  Someday, by God, I'll have that bathroom.  Someday when I have the money saved up (although Greg generously giving me a clawfoot tub will save me a chunk of money) and when I have the courage worked up to tear out a wall, a shower stall, two sinks, two toilets and the ceiling from three rooms.  Then I'll have that bathroom.  Someday.

Someday soon, I need to move that clawfoot tub of Greg's from the hardware store parking lot to my back porch.  And someday even sooner than that, I need to put one more coat of paint on the door between the foyer and the second parlor. 


  1. Thank you very much. Now I know what to call my house - the Someday House :-)

  2. Karen Anne, that sounds like a darn good name for a blog! Hint, hint.

  3. People would be waiting forever for me to update it :-)