Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gray Water Ahead

You know you've worked really hard and gotten really filthy when the water going down the shower drain is gray.  I predict that, just a few minutes after I hit the "Publish Post" button, gray water will be swirling in my shower. 

Why?  Because today, I dug up some ginormous hostas on the west side of the house and divided them into less-ginormous hostas, then did the same with some ginormous daylilies, then hammered in 14 ft of edging, then planted the hostas and the daylilies in the front flower bed, then bought five coral bells and planted them, then yanked hundreds of weeds out of that bed and spread mulch there.  Now it looks like this:

The porch would look nicer without that orange extension cord....
This is the former site of the dratted vinca.  In two years it's gone from a huge bed of vinca (some of it's still growing there under the rose), to a big ugly muddy mess, to a bed of newspaper weighted down with bricks (to smother the stubborn vinca), to a weedy mess, to this.  I'm looking forward to seeing those daylilies bloom because, although they came from my mom's yard a couple of years ago, neither of us can remember what color they are.

And then, because I wasn't quite filthy and tired enough, I hammered in another 6 ft of edging around the other front flower bed, weeded it, and put some leftover mulch on it.  (I didn't quite have enough, as you can see.)
Please ignore the bare back corner.

And now, I think I'll stand in the shower until the water no longer swirls gray and I've used up all the hot water, and then I'll sit on the front porch with a big glass of lemonade and eat some of the raspberries Gwen picked out of her garden for me this morning.


  1. That looks great. What is that edging? It looks like stone?

  2. Karen Anne, it's plastic cleverly made to look like stone. lol I got it at the Evil Empire (aka Wal-Mart).

  3. Gray water. Oh, yeah, been there, doing that. Hadn't thought about it in those terms, though. :-D

    How long before the black wears out of your cuticles?

  4. I love seeing gray water because it usually means I've really accomplished something. Between rain and/or 90 degree temps around here, it's been awhile since I've created any gray water.

    Your flower beds are looking very "prettyful" (pretty + beautiful) as my daughter used to say.

  5. I love the 2 little dark urns on your porch. They look so elegant!