Friday, March 11, 2011

Four Projects, Four Weeks: Day 8

It was a week ago yesterday that I dragged my stressed-out self into the realtor's office and agreed to finish four projects in four weeks so that I can list my house by the first week of April.  So how am I doing?  Welllll...I'm not sure.  I packed up all of my winter clothes (optimistically), my pots and pans and a bunch of kitchen stuff and my cookbooks and moved all that over to AJ's.  I cancelled the cable and the internet at my house.  I gave my little red microwave to my pal Nita.  And every afternoon after I wake up I scrape wallpaper off the front parlor walls before I go to work.  Only the wall above the fireplace and the upper half of the east wall of the front parlor still have wallpaper on them.  That's good, right?

Or is it?  I still haven't even begun to remove the wallpaper from the other parlor.  The back bedroom still looks like something from an episode of "Hoarders".  Three Christmas trees and four boxes of decorations are still in the basement.  The floors are still covered with black glue.  And all the other stuff I've accumulated over the past four years is still scattered all over the house.  Yikes.

But reinforcements are on the way.  My daughter-in-law Sarah has ten days off from work and has offered to help me at the house.  AJ is coming over Sunday to patch the holes in the plaster walls of the front parlor.  My mom says she'll pack up the eleventy million things I have in my two china cabinets.  Nita says she'll come over the last week of March and help me clean.  So I am trying to take it just a day at a time and not panic.  I still have three weeks to go.  I think I can, I think I can...

And I started a new little blog, less about houses and more about life.  I hope you'll like Sweet Red Pickles.


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