Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Am Jealous

Tonight, just after I got to work, my phone lit up with a call from White Trash Bob.  Y'all may have noticed his absence from this blog--he's been absent from the recent work on the Kelly House, too.  I try not to borrow him from Mrs. WTB any more than I need to, and the wallpaper removal, at least, I can do by myself.

It's been Snowmageddon II in these parts the past couple of days, so I assumed he was calling to make sure I got to work okay.

Me:  Yes, I made it here without incident.
WTB:  Oh, is the weather bad?
Me:  You're so funny.  Look outside.
WTB:  I am looking outside.  It's sunny and 71 here.  I'm in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Me:  Sometimes I almost dislike you.  I am jealous.  Horribly jealous.

I am jealous because this was the view from my front parlor windows about 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.  I do not like winter.  I do not like snow.  Therefore, I am jealous of WTB's basking in the New Mexico sun.

But then WTB asked me what I've been working on these past few weeks and I told him all about taking the old paper off the foyer walls, and then putting the new paper up in the foyer, and my angst over the front parlor paper, and how I am, I estimate, maybe 40% done with taking the paper off the front parlor walls.

 "And then what?" he asked.
"And then I ask you kindly if you would please come over and help me put up picture rail, and then I put up the new wallpaper.  Two kinds," I said.
"Oho!" WTB said, "Wrong order, my dear.  Put up the two kinds of wallpaper first, and then I'll come over and help you put up picture rail."

This is very good news.  Very good news indeed.  Firstly, it means that I can continue this paper off/paper on roll that I've been on and move straight from tearing off yucky wallpaper to putting up nice new paper.  Secondly, it means that I will have much-needed help with the picture rail.  I am motivated to work extra-hard on the wallpaper removal on my next days off.  But I am still jealous of WTB being in New Mexico.


  1. I think you can go either way on the order of wallpaper & picture rail. If you put the picture rail up first you will be able to remove the paper easily in the future but you have to trim those edges carefully. If you put the paper up first you won't have to fuss with trimming those edges because you put the picture rail over the cut edges.

    I guess it all comes down to how permanent is the wall paper - or do you mind removing the picture rail to remove the paper when it is time to redecorate.

    I do love all the papers you have picked out. I think they all work well together in the flow from room to room.


  2. I was thinking about something similar since I have my baseboards pried off in preparation for hardwood flooring going in over the subfloors. My thought was floors go in, baseboards go back on, then wallpaper.

    I think if in the future the wallpaper needs to be removed, the baseboards would have to be pried off, otherwise there would be edges sticking out,

  3. I'm putting up the new "chair rail" (in quotes because it'll be 5 feet above the floor) before I do the wallpaper in my front hall. The wallpaper I'm using there has a lot going on and I'm particular about how the pattern'll hit the bottom of the chairrail. But in the living room and dining room, the WP pattern is small and/or monochromatic, so I may slap it up before I rehang the trim. It'll save me cutting around all those door and window cornices.

    So I guess it depends on what you need to accomplish. Either way, I'm sure yours will look good.

  4. By the way, big excitement at my house yesterday :-) The Internet people were out to fix things (turns out they had for some unknown reason turned off my connection) and one noticed my hand drill with the drill bit permanently stuck in there crooked. He got it out! Men, they have their uses :-)

    It had gotten stuck when I'd used it to drill through a lock in a chest in the attic.

  5. Karen Anne, You cracked me up with "Men, they have their uses". Hahahahaha!! I want to know more about this lock you drilled on the chest in the attic...what did you find?

  6. Cheryl, I agree with you that we can probably go either way with what goes first, the paper or the picture rail. Putting paper up before the trim must've been common practice back in the day because I've heard several people say they found paper under trim when they removed the trim. Since I'm on a roll here (no pun intended) and since WTB's so busy with his real job, I think I'll paper first.

  7. It was a cedar chest in the attic. This is my late Mom's house, which she remodeled down to the foundation in the 1980s, long after I was living in California and just coming back for visits, so I have slowly been going through the nooks and crannies.

    The chest had some sweaters, and everything smelled hugely of cedar. I don't know how people tolerate strong smells like that. I figuratively clutched my throat, fell over backwards on the floor with my legs waving in the air, like an overturned beetle.

    Then I closed the chest up again. So much for my plan to use it in the living room.

    I did find an old Bible in the attic. It was my grandfather's, inscribed before he came to America from someone whose name I don't recognize, and as best as I can make out the Danish via babelfish et al, it says "Read this, you may learn something ":-)

    Alas, everything else in the attic is modern. It is not one of those wonderful big attics that go back a hundred years.

  8. Would you like to come for a visit? You could.

  9. I am with you. I am SO jealous! I hate winter, too, but couldn't live anywhere else (at least I don't think I could)... maybe if I could drive to Jamaica. :-) I was so delighted to see you had stopped by my spot. I'm trying to be a better blogger and still be obsessed with facebook. I was very happy that they weren't home and that the neighbors saved the dog (his dog house was right next to the house). Stuff you can replace, but not loved ones. And I think your wallpaper choices are spot on!