Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Poor Little Foyer

Poor little foyer.  It's such a small room, just 6 feet wide and 8 feet long, the smallest room in the house.  Poor homely little foyer, with nothing in it at all.  Poor neglected little foyer, still waiting three years later for someone to come along and steam off the rest of the painted-over wallpaper.  Buck up, little foyer. It's high time for a makeover.  The foyer was designed to be a welcoming little room--walk in the front door and you're facing the door to the second parlor; to the right is a tall window that lets in lots of light; to the left is the door to the front parlor.  Those doors would have been closed in cold weather like this to keep drafts out of the rest of the house.  Originally there was wallpaper in the little foyer, wallpaper that had a trellis pattern on it judging from the ghosts of the design left on the plaster.  That wallpaper's long gone, replaced with the pinky-tan wallpaper with brown roses that's probably from the 1940s or so.  That wallpaper wouldn't be so bad, but someone painted over it with a sickly pale blue that didn't even cover the roses.  So that has to go.  Unlike the two parlors, there was no picture rail in here, maybe because with three doors and a window there's not much wall space.  It looks like the original wallpaper was all one design, baseboard to ceiling, because there's no evidence of another wallpaper or of a chair rail that might have divided the walls into the tripartite style that was popular about the time the Kellys built this house.  So wallpaper it will have again.  A pretty wallpaper, with flowers and butterflies and birds.  Pretty, but not too precious.  A little busy, maybe, but that's fine for a room everyone's just passing through. 

Before I can hang that pretty new wallpaper, though, I have to get the rest of the old yucky wallpaper off the walls.  I spent a couple of hours in there Monday with a steamer and got as high as the steamer would reach.  Tuesday I'll put the steamer on an old chair to get up another couple of feet.  Any higher will have to wait for the ladder shelf to get here from the folks at Little Giant.  In the meantime, I can paint baseboard and trim.  Poor little foyer...it has a lot of trim.


  1. I very much dislike stripping wallpaper. I feel for the poor little foyer. It must feel a lot like my poor dining room.

  2. A diamond in the rough!

    The floor in the foyer looks like it's in pretty good shape. Can't wait to see the wallpaper you picked out!

    I have a poor little room too....it's my basement, and I've decided to make it my SEWING ROOM! We hope to start working on it soon.

  3. The great thing about little rooms, though, is that you can finish them comparatively quickly. And now when my hair stands on end, I can look at my entryway and say Isn't this nice.

    Also, it's the first thing visitors will see, so they'll know you're not completely insane when they see the rest of the house :-)