Saturday, November 27, 2010

Natural Forces

I had planned to show y'all the roller shades I DIY'd for the dining room, but I cannot seem to find my camera in the wreckage and chaos of my house. So instead, I'll share one of the songs that kept me sane (at least partially) during the long nightmare of papering the dining room.


  1. DIY roller shades? she says, looking up from the website where she was going to order old fashioned shades...

  2. Karen Anne, The old kind with scalloped edges?? Where did you find them? Did they cost an arm and a leg?? My DIY ones are okay, but a poor substitute for the real thing.

  3. I ordered one as a test of my measuring. I ordered a straight edge, but it looks like she may have what you want.

    I like the one that arrived a lot. My measuring, not so much :-) I didn't allow enough width past the edges of glass, so the sun gets in. Good thing I ordered one as a trial run.

    I got the ecru cotton, which is the fabric I remember shades being made out of, a very light manila folder color.