Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have failed.  Twice.  And paint has failed once.  The paint fail is partly my fail as well.  But I'm getting ahead of myself here.  First things first.

First, I've failed at regular updates to my blog for the past four weeks or so.  There's a reason for that...but I'm not quite ready to share that reason just yet.  I apologize to my regular readers.  Things should be back to normal (which is to say, the usual chaos) sometime in mid-October.  More later.

Second, the paint is failing on the east side of my house.  Sadly, this was pointed out to me by my beloved neighbor Floyd because I haven't been home enough in the past month to have noticed.  I blamed myself for the paint fail until White Trash Bob pointed out that without scraping the entire house down to bare wood before painting, this was bound to happen.  "It's no fault of yours," he told me, "old houses just do that."  That made me feel a bit better.  What made me feel even better is that WTB showed me how to stop the paint peel using painter's caulk.  Which brings me to my third fail...

Third, I failed to save the photos I took last week of the east side of the house and the first few swipes of caulk across it.  I deleted them from the camera's memory card in order to take a few photos of the fire at the local lumberyard.  So I can't show you my initial efforts to fix the east side of the house.  But I can show you this: 

That's some Lexington firefighters putting water on a hot spot at the roof line after they got a stop on the main fire.  Fortunately for the lumberyard and its customers, the fire was contained to the rear third of the office building, most of the damage is to the exterior (the interior damage is mostly from water, not fire), and no one was injured.

I will make amends for my failures, both with my house and my readers, in the very near future.


  1. Don't take it too hard. Our houses find new and creative ways to betray us all the time. :-) Here's hoping that things are good with you otherwise.

    And, you just gotta love that White Trash Bob.

  2. Hope everything is okay.

    I used to paint my old house exterior. No way was I scraping it down to bare wood, esp. since it had although not a second story a very high peaked roof that required getting up on a terrifying ladder.

    I'd just scrape off the loose paint and paint over it. Yes, friends, I didn't even power wash. I once hired a guy to power wash and he started putting gouges in the clapboard, so that was that.

    It looked fine unless you were eyeball to eyeball with it.

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself here. The story made me smile, I hope your world settles down soon.

  4. Everything is okay. Better than okay, actually. :)

  5. You really can't ask for better than better than okay.

    And see? We all lived, pictures or no pictures.