Monday, August 2, 2010

The Terrible Bad Week, Part 2

So last week goes down as one of the worst weeks I've had lately.  But it wasn't all bad.  Here's the better half of last week...

On the way home from St. Louis, I stopped by Apple Wagon Antiques.  (155 mile marker on I70, at Williamsburg, Mo.)  I hadn't been there in several years and WOW.  This place is incredible.  And huge.  An antique mall, a Fiesta ware outlet, and a home and garden decor store all rolled up in one ginormous building.  I scored these tumblers that match a set of glasses my grandmother owned.  Yay!
And while I was at the vet with Louis, I ran into a guy who refinishes floors.  Wait, that's not giving him nearly enough credit.  Burkhart Floors is known around here as the best in the business.  I'm hoping they can work miracles on the glue-encrusted and water-damaged floors in my house.  Joe gave me his cell phone number and said he'd be glad to come over and give me an estimate.  He looked at me kinda funny when I asked him if his CPR certification was current.  "You know, in case I have a heart attack once I find out how much it'll cost," I said.  He laughed.  I'm serious.  I've just about decided that I want nice floors before I want nice bathrooms...but it's summer now and I'm not freezing while taking a shower.  In the dead of winter I may decide again that remodeling the bathrooms (and moving the back door) is a higher priority.

Saturday night I decompressed from the week with friends and family at the pub. 
That's my son Dylan in the gray shirt with the "Are you kidding me?!" look on his face.  I have no idea what the person next to him said, but that expression cracks me up.  That's me in the gray tank-top next to Dylan.  Yeah, girl clothes and makeup and everything.  I'm talking to Amy, my "bestest bestie" since we were kids.  The guy next to her is our friend John, who makes brief appearances here in the blog from time to time.  It was Alumni Work Weekend at Wentworth Military Academy and almost everyone at the table is an Old Boy.  (Even if some of us are girls.) 

And saving the best for last...

The fence is finished!  Doesn't it look grand?  I can brag on it because I had almost nothing to do with the building of it.  This is a WTB Construction project.  I think it looks marvelous.
We used treated lumber rather than red cedar because that's what Home Depot had in stock.  I think it looks just as nice.  I still haven't decided if I'll leave it to weather or not.  If I don't, I'll most definitely take the advice of Jan at Gear Acres and stain it with opaque stain, which she says lasts longer than paint and looks just as nice.  It comes in many different colors and I'm leaning towards a cream that's similar to the house trim.  Staining the fence (if I decide to) is most assuredly a project for cooler weather.  But now, a big round of applause for White Trash Bob and his awesome fence-building skills!


  1. I'm sorry you had a rough weekend, mine was know... with all the paparazzi and stuff. LOL!

    Nice score on the tumblers and your fence looks great. It will make a nice backdrop for your cottage garden. I can almost see flowers against that fence and hear a water fountain. You will have fun next spring, that's for sure!

  2. The fence looks awesome. You're inspiring me. Way to go, WTB! You'll find the opaque stain is actually easier to apply than paint, but it's still a cooler weather job. I like the idea of a cream color. Perfect for a cottage garden.

  3. Your backyard has come a long way in such a short time.

    Wasn't it just 3 months ago that the back of your house was unpainted and covered in shingles.

    The fence is very cozy and friendly. High enough to keep out unwanted critters but still low enough to say 'hello' to a passing neighbor.

    Two thumbs up for WTB fence project.