Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fence Project, Days 7 & 8

Yesterday, in between working at his real job, White Trash Bob and I picked up the stuff to build the fence, laid out a plumb line (or whatever you call it) around the yard, and dug the post holes.  Wait, that's not entirely true.  After he saw that it took me about five times longer to dig a post hole than it does him, he dug all the post holes.  I dug half of one.  And I provided emotional support and encouragement while WTB dug 8½ post holes by telling him he was staving off osteoporosis and heart disease by doing so.  I'm not sure he appreciated that. 

And then today, in between working at his real job, WTB came over and we set the fence posts.  All of them.  During a heat advisory which I will not complain about because it was, after all, my idea to build a new fence in the middle of summer.  WTB asked me, "Don't you ever get great ideas when it's 70 outside?"  Apparently not.
About two hours after we set the last post and WTB explained to me that I would have to water the concrete later tonight, the sky darkened and huge rain clouds rolled in.  We ran around covering up the concrete with junk from my yard.  And then it poured rain and we were under a tornado watch.  "Never mind about the watering later," WTB told me. 

As soon as the concrete sets, we'll attach the picket fence panels to the posts.  Y'all heard me say "we", right?  I go back to work Wednesday night and my next day off is Sunday.  I tried to extract a promise from WTB that he would not attach the panels to the posts without me.  He made a vague sort of "uh-huh" answer in reply.  Who wants to bet that, while I am sleeping, WTB will finish the fence by himself? 


  1. Can't wait to see the finished fence!

  2. What is WTB'S real job anyway? I was wondering where he got that backhoe(?) to rip out the shrubbery. Construction?

  3. That's too funny. I would imagine it would have driven him insane to watch you trying to dig those holes though, so I can see why he'd take over. Kind of like me watching my mom try to type. So much easier if I just do it myself. LOL

  4. Karen Anne, he's a claims adjuster for a major insurance company and works out of his house unless he's traveling for work. He borrowed the tractor from someone...a cousin of his, I think.

  5. Wow! That's awesome. Yeah, post holes were a real b*tch to dig in July/August heat. I think my project was 10 posts and I dug my share. Hated every second of it, too.

    Now all you need are some ultra-naive kids (ala Tom Sawyer) to whitewash it for you.

    (Or does White Trash Bob double as White Wash Bob, too?) :-)

  6. Hey,

    Nice job for all fence posts project you have done it.

    Its Great work... :)