Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fence Project, Days 1 & 2

It has to look worse before it looks better, right?

Because this looks pretty darn bad...
Photo taken from Gwen & Floyd's yard looking north/northwest.

Eight hours of work (over two days) during a heat advisory, 100 feet of extension cord unrolled for the hedge trimmers, three 32-oz. bottles of Gatorade downed, 14 trash bags hauled to the dump and one nasty bruise on my left leg (hint:  don't try to hop over a rusty fence)...and I have only about 20 feet of fence row sheared down to brown stuff.  I still have to get rid of all that stuff growing in the fence and then tear down the fence itself.

And then I have to do all that again here:
Photo taken from the alley looking south/southeast.

And then again to a third section of fence about the same size as this one (about 16 ft. long), which I would've taken a photo of but I was teary-eyed with exhaustion and I just couldn't bear to look at it.  The heat really slowed me down the past couple of days.  I'm hoping for better weather and better progress next time.



  1. What is that monster vegetable(s) that's eaten your fence, anyway? Good move going after it. It would've been the house next.

  2. Oh Jayne, be careful in this heat! And OMG, I feel for you. That's what the fence at my old house looked like when I moved in. Watch out for poison ivy buried under/within all that vegetation. I ended up with a really severe case of it after I cleared my fence.

  3. Oh, do I ever hear ya. When we tackled the lilacs it seemed like such a simple thing. Two days later...not so much.

  4. Geez, Jayne, take 'er easy! This heat's been horrible. It was all I could do the other day to mow and weed eat much less do battle with that kind of overgrowth.

    I know you want to get done but don't kill yourself!

  5. Watching you should motivate me to tackle our fence row, but I'm a wimp in this kind of heat. I hope Libby realizes how much she's loved.

  6. 2 words...truck chain. isnt there a way to just pull it all out with a strong truck and chains??? Or even a 4 wheeler...thats what they used to take down an old addition in the back of my house..worked like a charm!!

  7. Anonymous thinks like my husband, I've seen him do that many times. That's also a good idea if you don't want those plants to come back.

  8. I'm thinking Anonymous has the right idea. Whole lot less sweat equity required than trying to do it by hand. Does WTB have a white-trash truck?