Monday, June 28, 2010

Fence Project, Day 3

One-third of the fence is gone.

Maybe "gone" is not quite the right word...The fence is still here; it just looks like this now:
Ugly is still ugly, even when it's all rolled up.

And we didn't even use a truck.  See, WTB came over in his truck Sunday night and tried to pull the fence down.  He wrapped a chain around a fence post, drove the truck forward, and POP! the fence post came right out of the ground.  Unfortunately, none of the fence came with it.  The fence might be weak, but those honeysuckle vines are strong.  Pulling the fence out with a truck just wasn't gonna work.  So today we used a Sawz-All to cut through everything—the honeysuckle, the wire fence, and the mulberry trees.  I got a little more than half of it sawed down while Bob was at work and then he came over, sawed down the rest, and together we yanked the fence free.  Ack!  What a chore! 

Tomorrow, more of the same.  I hope to get another whole section of fence down, from the corner where we stopped today all the way over to the gate.  We'll see...


  1. Already looks SOOO much better! I bet you cant wait to get it all down and cleaned up!!

  2. I was hoping you could pull that honeysuckle and mulberry trees out by the roots. :(

    Well, at least you didn't rip the bumper off WTB's truck. ;D