Friday, June 18, 2010

Breaking My Vow?

I might need to break my No Summer Projects Vow.  For real.

I'll politely pause for just a minute here to give y'all time to laugh and get over it before I continue...I hear y'all guffawing...and a couple of folks high-fiving each other...and you, I heard you snort when you laughed.  I did.

Feel better now?  Okay.  Because I propose that this project is an emergency repair.  And because it's an emergency repair, it shouldn't count against my No Summer Projects Vow.  Uh-huh.  I hear y'all snickering.  But hear me out. 

Yesterday I let Liberty outside to play in the back yard.  She did one lap around the yard, picked up her squeaky toy, and disappeared.  Gone just like that.  Both gates were closed, so I knew she squeezed through the fence somehow.  I found the squeaky toy in the middle of the alley about 50 feet from the house.  I found the dog three houses away—in the opposite direction of the squeaky toy—stretched out on someone's front porch.  After I carried her home and put her safely in the house I looked at the fence and found the place where she'd broken through.  The fence is in very bad shape.  The hog panel is rusted and some of the posts are rotted completely through.  I really think the thing's only held together by the honeysuckle vines growing all over it.  And there are all these trees growing up through it...I have lopped them off monthly every spring and summer, sprayed Round-Up and brush killer and even diesel fuel on them (not at the same time) and still they come back, bigger and bushier than before. I have better things to do with my time.

Like maybe tearing down the fence, getting rid of those trees, and putting up a nice new fence.  Teaching Libbi to use the litterbox and to be happy with never going outdoors except on a leash doesn't seem like a reasonable alternative.  Neither does setting the whole darn mess on fire, which the wonderful Floyd suggested.  Clearly, this is an emergency situation.  It is.  Right?  Because I don't take my vow lightly.  I wouldn't break it for just any ole project.  And because I made this vow to all of you, you're the ones who rightly should release me from it.  Or not.  So let's hear it:  Should I break my vow and replace the fence before the end of summer?  Or should I keep my promise and live with the holey fence and the brushy trees until September? 


  1. I just want to say, I'm not the one who snorted. I mearly hid my smirk under my shirt collar while I quietly high-fived Milah. :)

    For Libby's sake, and only for Libby's sake, I'm going to let this slide and allow you to break your vow. And I'll even go a step further. I'll take up your vow for you. Yep, I'm going to do a whole lotta porch sittin' from here on out. :)

    I'm not so sure setting it on fire is such a bad idea, though. Those mulberry trees are a pain to get rid of, at least I assume that's the type of tree you're referring to.

  2. Dogs always take priority - just ask mine :)

    A temporary alternative is to get a tie-out for Liberty, which is what I use for my dogs until I get a fence built. Not as nice as being off-leash, but safer than being off-leash in an unsecured yard!

    (And then there is the comment I got from a "dog" person once, when I mentioned fencing the yard for the dogs, that anyone should be able to train their dogs to stay in the yard, no matter what. Yeah. Right.)

  3. I should also mention that we've used The Invisible Fence system with our dogs for years and it works like a charm. Just make sure if you go that route to get the name brand and not the knock offs.

  4. LOL, Christine! Thanks for ratting me out!

    Jayne, I'll let you off on this one, only because I don't want to hear you complaining when you have to pay a fine to retrieve Libby from the dog pound. Just don't burn your house down while doing it!

  5. No snort, but I definitely snickered a time or two. And I have to agree, for Libby's sake we'll let you off the hook for this ONE project, but only THIS project!

    You know NV is going to let you off the hook because well, she's a project addict also. (Love ya Nicole!) ;-)

    Karen Anne - It's up to you to make it unanimous.

    PS. I knew Milah & Christine would be the ones high-fiving.

  6. Pets are always numero least that's what mine tell me every day.

    I don't remember ever seeing a fence photo.

    Are you going to elaborate on the style of the fence? Will this be just functional or eye candy as well?

  7. I wouldn't depend on an invisible fence. A friend of mine lost his wonderful dog with one of those. If Libbi is just tied up, you have to be with her to be sure she isn't a sitting duck for a larger animal.

    Dump the fence :-) I've gotten rid of two decrepit fences, it's amazing how much better it made the yard look. I hired mine out and in a few hours, all done.

  8. probably need to tackle the fence sooner rather than later....glad you found your dog safe and sound!

    we're in fence mode this summer--we are in the process of planning a fence so our new puppy can romp free of the leash...we also had to do an emergency repair to our neighbour's fence when our huge mulberry tree crashed through it! not fun $ to spend