Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All Play and No Work

I'm at the tail-end of four days off and what have I accomplished?  Nothing!  Well, at least nothing house-related.

Saturday afternoon I retrieved Libbi after she squeezed through the partly-open back gate and ran full-tilt for the neighbors' yard behind us.  The neighbors were hosting a wedding party and the bride was posing for pictures.  She had on a beautiful white dress.  Libbi had muddy paws.  Libbi is a jumper.  Disaster was narrowly averted when a little kid ran between the bride and the dog and Libbi followed him.  Whew!   That debacle was followed by supper with Shirley at the pub and then drinks with a few friends.

Sunday my bestie Sharon came over and gave me her old phone since she upgraded to a new one.  The phone she gave me is a Google Android.  Very nice.  After that I went to lunch with my friend John-Charles and then went shopping.  I bought some girl clothes.  And a new pair of uniform pants, which aren't nearly as fun as the girl clothes.

Monday I slept very late (til, um, mid-afternoon) and then spent a few hours sitting on the front porch shopping for apps with my new phone.  My favorite one so far is Lightning Bug, a free app that is a sleep machine and alarm clock.  Love it.  Then the fur-babies and I had a movie marathon:  Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil (one of my all-time favorites), Fried Green Tomatoes and How To Make An American Quilt.

And today I went to Book Club at the local indie bookstore and after that, antiquing with my mom.  I found a Hoosier-like cabinet that I couldn't decide whether or not to buy.  Y'all tell me if this is a good deal or a no, okay?  It's smaller than a typical Hoosier (about 3 ft. wide and 5 ft. high), the roll-down top sticks, and it needs repainting because someone painted it white and put wallpaper decals on the top doors.  The flour bin & sifter are still there and the sifter works.  All the drawer pulls and hinges are intact.  I couldn't get the counter to slide forward, but I can probably fix that.  There's no damage to the metal countertop.  They're asking $250, but it doesn't say "firm" on the tag so there might be a little wiggle room. What say you?

Four days of all play and no work...Ah well, the back of the house has been done a week, except for re-hanging and painting that storm window.  Although I could say I'm not putting up the storm window again and then it's really and truly done...


  1. I know zippo about Hoosier cabinets but fixing stuck wood stuff seems to be easy. The old rub a block of paraffin on it worked fine on wood drawers in my old bureaus. I sure wish I had a flour bin.

  2. Sounds like good times! And, you have to live SOME TIME.

    Cabinet doesn't sound like a bad deal. I've seen them upwards of $350 around here recently. If it's in good shape and you like it, go for it. But offer $200 and see what they say. ;-)

  3. That's a good deal if it's a real Hoosier cabinet. There were similar makers like Sellers, McDougal etc. Hoosier was the original cabinet company and at the height of there business there were 30 other companies making similar cabinets. Hoosiers were made in New Castle Indiana about 45 minutes from me. I have a friend in New Castle who is an expert restorer of cabinets and he sales and ships them all over the world. His father worked for the company and he has a wealth of information on them. Refinished cabinets can bring as much as $1,000-$2,000, but usually around here I see painted ones around $500. I also have the name of an Indiana company that makes replacement hardware etc., if you want it. If it's a real Hoosier, (name plate should be on it) then I'd buy it!

  4. Milah, It's not a real Hoosier; no metal tag. I think it might be made by one of the other companies, but it's up against a wall at the antique shop so I can't see if there's a tag or label on the back. It's not as well-made as a real Hoosier, either. The doors are thinner and the legs aren't as chunky. That's what makes me hesitate on the price.

  5. I was kind of sorry to read that wedding disaster was averted. It would have made for more interesting wedding videos.

    One of my favorites of America's Funniest Home Videos is one where a huge wedding party is all lined up for a an outdoor photograph and a big, black Lab runs up and pees on one of them. I can't remember, it's either on the bride or the flower girl. The dog does his business then runs off.

    It's a classic.