Monday, April 12, 2010

Backyard Before & After

This was my backyard last summer:
And this was what it looked like last fall after the shed was torn down:
And this is what it looks like now:
The trashman will cuss me in the morning.  The bin is full and there are six more bags of trash stacked next to it.  I have four beers left from the six-pack I bought today...maybe I ought to put them outside on the trash bin in a foam cooler with a note on 'em that says, a la Alice in Wonderland, "Drink Me".  

Just in case you're wondering, I got those cute blue chairs at Lowe's, the fire bowl came from Wal-Mart, the flowers in the big containers are bi-color pink geraniums, and the flowers in the little containers are wax begonias.  I didn't lay that brick but I'm planning to lay some over to the left there where the edge of the patio's all broken up.  As soon as I find some free bricks.  Oh yeah, and eventually I will get the rest of the shingles off the house.  Probably in the next month or so.  But right now, I'm liking the way the patio looks without any junk piled on it.


  1. I'd forgotten what those shingles looked like :-) You deserve a major award.

  2. Have you seen the movie, "The War" starring Kevin Costner and Elijah Wood? It's one of my favorite movies and in it Elijah plays a character named Stu, and at the end of the movie Stu and his mother are standing outside looking at their new "old" home (which is dire need of paint and fixing up) and Stu says with a smile, "lipstick and rouge, Mom."
    That's what the back side of your house says to me, all it needs is some lipstick and rouge.

  3. Ah, the perfect spot to kick back and relax and reflect on all the hard work you've done. Love it.