Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not Too Bad...

The to-do list still stands, mostly unfinished...but here's what I did accomplish today:

I filled in all the holes and cracks and the seams on both sides of the front parlor/dining room door with wood filler. I also filled in the mortise cuts on the un-hinged side of the door and the door jamb.
Filling in the old mortises around the hinges was a little tricky.  (And by the way, thank you to whomever told me about using 3-in-1 oil on the hinges.  It makes them look so much better.)

Then I filled in the holes and cracks and seams on one side of the front parlor/entryway door.

And then I painted.  Two coats on one side of the front parlor/dining room door; one coat on the other side.  Painted the trim around the door and put the transom hardware back.
Okay, so I really didn't finish the trim all the way around the door...but almost.  (The right side is still white.)  Hmm...having the trim next to the mantle painted up nice and shiny makes the mantle look kinda icky...maybe next week I'll patch the holes from the shutters that were on it and paint it.  Yes, shutters.  On a mantle.  I cannot explain this.

And then I painted some more.  Two coats on the front parlor/entryway door.
I think it probably needs a third coat, but I'll have to look at it in daylight to know for sure. 

All in all, not too bad for a day's work.


  1. Looking excellent! Isn't it great to make progress on a project that comes out so well.

    Looking forward to more about those shutters :-)

  2. Will the added coats of paint make your doors too big for the opening and stick when it humid?

    I am shocked by how much of a margin I've gain around my doors by removing the paint. But then again my PO just slapped it on in thick layers.

    Shutters on the mantle? I just can't seem to picture that in my mind.

  3. Jan, I'm guessing the doors lost some width when they were sawn in half :-) and then when Mare trimmed the innards again to get a clean edge.

  4. Karen Anne, You're right. In fact, one of them lost so much that we'll have to build up the jamb just a tad so it'll catch the strike plate.