Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Doors

So how am I doing on that list?  Well....not too good so far.  After working 52 hours this week (in only four nights) I was tiiiired on Sunday.  So I slept.  A lot.  And then somehow I forgot Mare was coming yesterday to work on the doors again, so I didn't get any painting done Monday.

We did get two doors hung, another one glued together, and—the exciting part—doorknobs and mortise locks put on the two entryway doors.  Mare had been dreading putting in the mortise locks because the hole where they'd been was filled with water putty which was hard as a rock and had to be drilled out.  But when he drilled into the first one, his drill suddenly and unexpectedly dropped down.  The water putty was only about an inch deep, and the rest of the hole was empty.  Even better, the mortise locks I bought on eBay are exactly the right size and even the doorknob hole and keyhole line up with the original holes in the doors.  Hooray!

Here's what I'll be working on today:
 Patching the seam and the holes in this door, painting the trim around it and hanging the transom hardware back up again...

And the same for this door... 
(Louis is peeking through the crack in the door at Libbi on the other side)
And patching the seam and holes on this door and removing those stupid cabinet door catches at the top of the door frame.

Working on it, I say, not to be confused with finishing it...but we'll see how far I get today.  It's raining outside, so I won't be tempted to go out there and take shingles off the back of the house.

Progress on the door project:  4 of 7 doors hung, one more door glued together, and 2 doors with mortises and doorknobs.  Still to be done:  2 more doors to be removed and glued together, and lots of patching and painting.  Hardware to be located:  1 pair of steeple hinges, 3 mortise locks, 3 doorknobs, 6 backplates and 6 strike plates.  I better get crack-a-lackin!

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  1. This is such an awesome project, Jayne! So glad you’re making progress. Even if you’re not finished (boy do I know THAT scene) it’s always heartening to see how the first one (or few) of something is going to look once you are. Hang in there! P.S.: Love how Louis and Lib are bonding.