Monday, February 1, 2010

No Doors, But...

No doors got glued back together today, but I did get a couple of other things done.  I painted more of the second parlor and put up the new curtains on the other window...
Why is it that at least one of my cats inserts themselves into almost every photo of the house??  And honestly, I'm not sure that itty bitty desk can really support Christopher's great big hiney, so I hope he doesn't make that his regular sitting place. 

And I painted the ceiling in there and put up a new light fixture...
As with everything in this house, it took three times as long as I thought it would.  That was mostly because whoever installed the old light fixture must've knocked a piece of ceiling plaster loose after they put in the crossbar for the fixture, so they just blobbed a big nugget of plaster over the crossbar—and the screw that I needed to get to in order to take down the old fixture.  Knocking that out of there with a screwdriver and a hammer was a lot of fun.  And I only got plaster dust in my eyes 17 or 18 times.

And then the mailman came and delivered me this beauty...

It was hard to get a good photo of it, but it's a complete mortise set with two glass doorknobs and brass backplates.  I won two matching sets of them on ebay.  (Four doorknobs in all; enough for two doors.)  I think, after I get the backplates shined up and Mare cuts the holes in the doors, that these will go on the entryway doors.  When you come in my front door, you're in a little entryway about 9' long and 6' wide and facing the doorway into the second parlor.  To the left is the doorway into the front parlor, so it would be nice to have matching doorknobs on those two doors.  I got these for a really good I just have to find four more mortises and a few more knobs.  Right now I have a box of mismatched knobs and one other mortise. 

And yes, that is a tattoo on my arm.  It's okay, my mama knows.  The first time she saw it, it was partially hidden by my shirt sleeve so that she saw only the edge of the last letter (it says "Believe") and she smacked me on the wrist.  I said sheepishly, "Oh, I guess I shoulda told you I got a tat."  And she replied, "Oh, is that all it is?  I thought you had a spider on you." 


  1. The room looks beautiful! And so does Christopher :-)

    What an interesting light fixture, does it have a story?

  2. LOL, I have a feeling your Mom and I would get along fabulously.

    I love the door knobs, I've always loved that style. My aunt had them in her house as a child and I thought they looked like giant diamonds.

  3. I love the color, the curtains, the light fixture and the door knob! And, can I ask where you found those curtains?
    The tatoo...not something I'd do but I like what it says! And LOL, on your mom's reaction!

  4. Those knobs are so cool!
    The terribly rundown 1920 apartment in NYC where I spent a week in 2001 had one of those left. The mortise lock was completely shot though, the door didn't latch any more. (Pretty much everything was shot in there, a really sad place!).

  5. Karen Anne, I got the light fixture at Lowe's, believe it or not! Christopher is gorgeous, isn't he? :)

    Milah, I found the curtains at Target. They have some at Lowe's that are either identical or pretty darn close, but they're cheaper at Target. They need weights in the hem, I think.

  6. I never would've believed it-
    Had to see it to know it was true....
    Now you got a single door,
    Where once before, were two!

    Looks a little newer than my hardware-I may have some to spare. If I have some mortise locks and glass knobs, how many do you want?


  7.! Never would have guessed you got that light at Lowes. I've never seen anything like it at my Lowes, I'm sure.

  8. Chaz--Love the poem! I just saw it today and it made my day. Thanks for the offer of the mortise locks and knobs. I could use 3 more locks and 6 doorknobs. Email me at wuss in boots at live dot com (no spaces, of course) and we'll negotiate. Thanks!!