Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm Gonna Need a New Ladder

I'm gonna need a new ladder.  See how that cross-bar is bent way out of whack?  Yeah, it did that when I was standing on the third rung from the top of the ladder.  So then the ladder fell over.

And gouged the newly-painted door and trim.

But somehow missed hitting my great-grandmother's china cabinet which is just to the right of that photo above.  

Oh, and when the ladder fell over I fell down.  Down about five feet onto the hardwood floor.  Mostly on my hiney.  I have a giant bruise on my hiney, which I will not show y'all no matter how much you beg.  Just take my word for it.

I also landed on my left wrist.  Which caused my hand to bend backwards weirdly.  Now I have to wear this.

I think it's kinda cool and cyborg-y.  But I will be very tired of it after a week, which is the minimum amount of time I have to wear it.


  1. Oh no! I hope you heal quickly. Glad your hutch didn't catch the ladder!

  2. Oh, wow!

    Good luck it missed your Grandmom's cabinet, that would have been awful.

    What the heck is with the ladder, I've never seen anything like that? Made in China or something?

  3. OUCH!!! I hope you're not in too much pain!

    I've never seen a ladder do that before.

  4. OH NO! Wow, glad you're not hurt any worse than that. We need a new ladder ourselves after a window washing incident. They just don't make ladders like they used to.

  5. Good grief, it's always something! Glad your okay, you could have broke your neck, and I'm glad the hutch was spared.
    I didn't share this on my blog this winter but I had an incident with a ladder the day before thanksgiving. I was retrieving a ladder from my son's garage so I could get my Christmas decorations out. Somehow the ladder flew open as I was walking out the door and hit me in the chest and broke a rib. It took seven weeks to heal and for me to get a good nights sleep. Your like's always something!

  6. Thanks, everybody. I don't know how the ladder bent like that. Weird. I noticed this afternoon that something (the ladder? the utility knife I was holding?) dug a nice-sized gouge out of the floor, too. Good thing I haven't refinished them yet.

  7. OMG, Jayne! That’s awful. Yet another reason why I hate ladders … and resent the hell out of needing them to do most DIY work!
    Feel better soon.

  8. Wow. The ladder looks to be in good condition, I wonder why it did that?

    Some of the ladder I climb should be in the fire pile, now I am leery of climbing on them.

    Is your wrist broken?

    Good thing about your china cabinet. Too bad about the floor and your wrist.

    I bet you will be glad when that room is finished.

  9. I got an awesome bruise on my hiney once from falling down some stairs at a swimming pool on a church retreat. The difference was that I showed every female I came in contact with. I should have taken a pic and we could have compared! :) Hope you feel better soon!