Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tales of Woe

Uh-oh.  I think I might've really messed up this time.  And with those prophetic lines begin my tales of woe.  Yes, more than one tale of woe.  In fact, three tales of woe, which are probably related...

The first:  Thursday night when I was taking a shower I got some water on the floor and the bathmat.  I was in a hurry to get on the snow-packed, slick roads because my usual 40-minute drive to work now takes almost an hour, so I didn't wipe up the water or even pick up the bathmat.  Friday morning when I came home I tried to pick up the bathmat.  It was frozen to the floor.  Told y'all it's cold in that bathroom.

The second:  I was griping to a friend about the cold bathroom/back porch area.  Said friend used to work for one of the HVAC guys here in town.  He pipes up, "Don't you still have that wall furnace back there?"  I explained that yes, it's still there, but his bossman had told me not to use it.  Friend looked downcast.  "Um...I think when he said that he wouldn't use it, he just meant because it's expensive, not dangerous."  Oh.  So I could have been using the wall furnace all this time??  Apparently.

The third:  Friday night when I took a shower I noticed that the drain was emptying slowly.  It's always a slow drain, but Friday night it was really slow.  Aw, it'll be okay, I thought, and left for work.  Saturday morning when I came home—some fifteen hours later—there was still about an inch of water left on the shower floor.  And then, as if that's not bad enough, when I flushed the toilet, the bowl overflowed and ran out all over the floor. 



  1. poor thing! Perhaps your pipes are frozen....I hope they don't bust. Keep us posted.

  2. WTB must have one of those snake things, yes? Not that I know how to use them.

  3. OMG! I had no idea you meant it got THAT cold in your bathroom! Bathmat frozen to the floor?!?

    Try a cup of baking soda & a cup of vinegar in the drain, let sit about 10 minutes, then flush with boiling water. It that doesn't work, I'm with Karen Anne - call WTB.

  4. frozen to the floor? you need a bathroom intervention!

  5. Oh NO! Girl, go get yourself one of those oil filled electric heaters. I'm tellin' ya, they really work. Even saw one at Wallyworld the other day.

  6. Karen Anne, I have one of those snake things too, but I couldn't break loose the clog.

    Kate, I'll try that!

    Christine, Those things are great. Dylan & Sarah have one in their living room so their little conure doesn't get too cold.

  7. I don't think snakes work on clogs of ice...

  8. AJS, I don't think they do either, and I'm wondering if that's what this is. When I tried to snake it, the end of the snake didn't come back with any glop on the end of it like it usually does. So, a plumber is on the way...sigh...

  9. "So, a plumber is on the way...sigh..."

    OUCH! So Sorry you had to call in the pros! That's never fun, but fortunately, usually effective.