Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tickled to Death

I stand corrected.  The walls in my dining room are not 11 feet high.  They're 10'3".  I know this because last night I measured them for the wallpaper.  I didn't get nervous about hanging the wallpaper until I rolled it out on the kitchen floor to cut it to length and saw for the first time what a big sheet of wallpaper that is.

Gulp.  It covers the whole length of the kitchen floor.  And yes, the paper's weighted down with the door hinges.  Those things come in handy.

Three hours later, this is what the dining room looked like:

After months of looking at the plain plaster walls, I'm tickled to death to finally see wallpaper up there.

And I'm tickled to death that I got the switchplate cover to match the wallpaper pattern on the very first try.

I am not, however, tickled to death about this:

Nor this:

Not at all.  Not one little bit.  Someone is in Very Big Trouble.

Don't give me that sweet innocent look, Louis.  You're at the top of the suspect list.


  1. I was admiring how great it looked and then ..... NOOOOOO! I thought for sure the culprit would be Marie! I don't recall - is it textured? Is that why he's clawing at it?

  2. Oh no! I'm sick for you! It looked so good....that darn cat! What are you going to do now? Is it bye, bye Louis?

  3. He thought he was helping you. He's been watching you take down paper. He just realized it was a lot easier if you take it down while the glue is still wet.

    Not buying that?

    Sorry Louis...I tried...you are on your own now. Stick with the innocent look....it's your only defense.

  4. OH NO! I suspected Marie as well. (Change bringing out her psychotic nature.) Other than the kitty intervention, it looks great!

    I'm lucky. When I wallpaper, I only have to come down to meet 32-36 inches of beadboard. :-) Those super long strips must be a real beeotch.

  5. Oh,NO! And it looked SOOOOO good! You did a GREAT job on the switchplate cover, matching a pattern like that is not so easy to do! What do you have planned to keep the kitty claws away from the paper now?

  6. The switchplate is amazing, I would never even have attempted that.

    Poor Louis. He was just trying to help. I mean, you pulled off all the old wallpaper, right? How's a helpful cat to know :-)

    (Does he have a scratching post in the house? My guys never scratched the furniture, but I had big sturdy non-tipable scratching posts all over.)

  7. Uh oh. Dead cat walking, I'd say. Lock him in a room with Marie. She'll set him straight.

  8. I may have wrongly accused Louis. He tends to be my "scratcher". It could have been Marie. It definitely wasn't Christopher--the claw marks are about 26" up on the wall and in three years, I've never seen Christopher stand on his hind legs.

    Karen Anne, they have a scratching box but not a post. I think I'd better get one.

  9. I am not amfan of wallpaper for that reason, it tears too easy. I wanted beadboard on the lower half of ny dining room. I found paper that looked just like it, so we put it on the lower half. I started putting the furniture back and tore a big chunk out .I fixed it. Dec. 2 I came home to find a pipe had burst.40 thousand dollars damage. The good part is, the paper is no longer for sale. I get the real thing. Yars ago I had to take paper down,and said I would never have it in my houswe again. Now I am saing it again. hehe Paint is a lot easer to change. Kathy

  10. Just stopped by to say Happy New Year to you!

  11. a) yeah, the switch plate does look terrific. Great work.

    b) Ow! So, so sorry. That was my greatest fear when we put up textured wallpaper in our guest bath. I insisted on keeping the door closed for months. Then I loosened up and 3 1/2 years later, so far, so good.

    Good luck with the repair. The paper is beautiful and I'm sure the final results will be worth it.

  12. Every old house restorer needs at least one cat!!

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