Monday, December 14, 2009

They're Heeeerrrre....

Remember that scene from "Poltergeist" where the little girl turns to her parents and says, "They're heeeerrre" after the creepy things come out of the tv?  That was the first thing that came to mind yesterday afternoon when I saw the big box of wallpaper rolls on the front porch.  (In fact, I was gonna use that clip in this post, but after I watched it I remembered how much scary movies give me the heebie-jeebies and now I'm too scared to use it.)  Anyway, the wallpaper's here.  Yep, already.  Good thing I didn't waste $127 on three-day shipping since it took, um, three days to get here with free ground shipping.  All thirteen double rolls of it.  That's a lot of wallpaper.  But what's about as scary as "Poltergeist" is the thought that I didn't order enough wallpaper.  Never mind that I used the wallpaper calculator and didn't subtract for the three windows and three doorways, I'm still scared. 

The big box of wallpaper is sitting in the middle of the dining room floor like an obelisk.  Waiting.  Why is the wallpaper waiting?  Because one of my friends pointed out to me that it sure would be easier to paint the trim in the dining room before I put up the paper.  Oh.  Good idea.  So I spent almost an hour at Lowe's picking out a shade of cream paint that goes with the wallpaper.  Lyndhurst Estate Cream, which also goes with the color I'm painting the second parlor, and will eventually, someday, go with whatever paint or wallpaper I pick out for the entryway and the front parlor.  Then I came home and washed down the trim in the dining room.  (Mrs. Kelly, immaculate housekeeper that she was, would not be happy that this is only the second time I've done that since I moved in.)  And now, I'm gonna go paint me some trim.  Photos to follow.


  1. I'm hoping for a photo of the giant intimidating box of wallpaper :-)

    Shipping - often stuff shows up amazingly quickly, but every so often UPS ground seems to take as long as if it's gone by way of Albania.

    I still have not convinced UPS and FedEx that putting heavy boxes against my outward opening storm door is not optimal. What's with that?

  2. You go, girl! I'm intimidated enough by the TWO double rolls facing me in the bathroom!

  3. You're coming up with these titles on purpose aren't you? Stay away from the basement, will ya?

    I hate painting trim. My least favorite home improvement activity. Can't really explain why, just don't like it. Have fun with that.

  4. will be glad you painted the trim first.

    Unlike Christine, I like to paint trim.....and I don't tape...or I should say... I rarely tape. Weird I's just something I like to do.

    Have fun!

  5. Karen Anne, My UPS man is my cousin Tim, so I lucked out there. I can always tell when he's on vacation because the other guys ring my doorbell. :)

    Christine, I can't help it. All that wallpaper freaks me out.

    Milah, I like to paint trim, too. But I just HATE painting with a roller. Don't know why, just do.