Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More Favorite Things

Random favorite things that I wanna share...

A text message from my daughter in law that says, "Thank you for the pretty Christmas card.  It looks just like the one G-ma sent me."  A call to my mom confirmed that, yes, we had each (separately) bought Sarah exactly the same Hallmark card. 

My favorite soldier, my son's best friend Brian.  He's stationed in Afghanistan until October 2010, but he'll be home in May for two weeks, God willing.  Through the magic of the interwebs I get to chat with him on Facebook at least once a week.  If y'all are so inclined, could you add him to your prayer list?  The last time I put a pic of Brian on this blog was back in May, when he the best man at my son's wedding.  How much things change in six months...

You may have read this story in my comments, but it's so funny I have to share it here.  My friend Troy came home the other night to a kitchen that smelled like chicken soup...but nothing was cooking.  A short investigation discovered that one of his cats had broken into the cupboard and sunk its teeth into a box of chicken stock, which leaked out slowly all over the pantry.  He figured out which cat it was when the culprit sidled up to him to be petted and he smelled chicken broth on its fur.  It's only funny cause it didn't happen to me.

The cutest Caesar I've ever seen!  My friend Michelle's son portrayed the great ruler in a school play, but only after asking his teacher gravely, "He's not the king that killed the babies, right?  Cause if he is, I don't wanna be him."  Assured that the baby-killing king was Herod, Ben went on with the show.


  1. "He's not the king the killed the babies?" sweet is that! He'll grow up to be a fine young man. :D
    And God Bless our service men! I'll be happy to add him to my prayer list.

  2. Aw ... I'm with Milah. TOO adorable.

    Serviceman added to prayers.

    And love the broth story. I'd rather have him puncture chicken stock, but Toby thought it would be more fun to pee on my work bag the other night. D*mn cat!

  3. LOL, great post! I'm not sure which story I liked best.