Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Missed A Spot

"Hey Momma, I think you missed a spot."

It's just the first coat of paint and it was still wet when this photo was taken, but I'm grateful the foreman inspects my work so carefully as I go along. 
(Note Mean Little Marie in the lower center of the photo as well.
 Is it just me or is she looking at Louis as if she wants to eat him?)


  1. ROFL, actually to me she looks like she wants to shred whatever is hanging on the rungs into teeny, tiny pieces until it's only fit for the bottom of a hamster cage.

  2. Awww ... that is TOO cute! And Marie does look rather vicious indeed. Would she like to meet Toby? :-)

  3. For Pete's sake don't get in the middle of it!!! LOL!

    Love the color! Nice and warm.;D

  4. Our cat always climbed any ladder left out. Problem was she couldn't climb down.

    I love that color. It really shows off the door and trim. Will the trim stay white?

    OK here's the nosey part of me. What is that area to the right of the door on the other wall? Is that a closet or storage area?

  5. Kate, that's my polarfleece jacket and Marie hates it. She attacks it. lol

    NV, we could sell tickets to the Marie vs. Toby fight!

    Jan, the trim will be repainted an off-white. The ladder is leaning against the only original closet in the house. Right next to the fireplace and it goes floor to almost ceiling. It's only about 8 inches deep.