Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What's That You Say?

The reason why there haven't been any posts about the progress on the interior projects is because...there hasn't been any progress.

And there hasn't been any progress because I have been diagnosed with something called Peripheral Vertigo.

Huh?  What?

I went to the doctor because, three weeks after recovering from a cold, I'm still dizzy quite often.  Sometimes it's mild; sometimes the room spins around me like a Tilt-A-Whirl and I have to hang on to something—a table, a nearby superhero, a chair—to keep from falling over.  The doc says it's usually caused from an inner ear injury or an untreated ear infection.  And sorry, but medicines don't seem to help much.  And, oh yeah, it's permanent.  What?!  I have to be this way forever?!  Unsatisfied with that prognosis, I googled it...and didn't find much.  Anyone know anything about this stuff?

So anyway, the past couple of days have been Tilt-A-Whirl days.  Not conducive to standing on a ladder to hang kitchen wallpaper, which by the way is what I've decided to do first.  After reading everyone's comments, it seems to make the most sense to start with the smallest unfinished project.  And I will...when I can stand on the ladder without feeling like I'm in the eye of a hurricane.


  1. Wow, that sounds terrible. I'm sorry to hear it. Seems like somebody is trying to tell you to stay off those ladders.

  2. That bites. Have you tried a specialist for a second opinion? My prescription...cheap wine and lots of it administered while wearing flannel jammies.

    I'm so glad you updated your photo 'in progress'. I am amazed at the difference. Your windows pop and now you can see your front door.

  3. Yikes, Jayne! I get like that sometimes when I'm fighting an ear infection. I went through a bit of that some years ago where that would happen if I got up too quickly. I was on potassium (salt) pills for a couple months and all was well.

  4. I'm praying the doctor is wrong. Are you on any kind of medication? Have you seen an ear doctor? Hopefully it's just that nasty cold hanging on.

    I hope you get better soon.

  5. That sucks, Jayne.

    But - maybe not as bad as the doc said.

    I went to the doc about something like that some months ago, and the dizziness is gone now, although it did take awhile. I am trying to remember how long - a couple of months?

    "Peripheral" vertigo means (lucky us) it is not caused by a brain problem. Now aren't you glad about that :-)

    I would hop yourself off to a good neurologist to find out more about what's going on.

    Maybe more than you want to know, but maybe this is useful - The one I was sent to originally said mine was "benign positional vertigo" caused by calcium(?) chips in the ear and tried to bring me out of it with some standard positional things to shift them around. No results.

    Then he decided it was Meniere's disease.

    I wasn't happy with him in general and decided to get another opinion. The second neurologist was much better, it seemed to me. He said it couldn't be Meniere's disease because I didn't have the other symptoms of it. (He's also the one who explained what "peripheral" meant in this context.)

    It turns out there is a type of migraine called a vertiginous migraine, which is what he thinks I have. If you've ever had an optical migraine, which has just visual disturbances, this is the same thing. It usually just causes dizziness instead of dizziness plus migraine pain.

    Usually a vertiginous migraine only lasts as long as a regular migraine, but sometimes it can hang on for weeks or a few months.

    This is a long way of saying there are a bunch of causes for dizziness, and I think getting to neurologist who knows what he's doing will likely tell you what's going on.

    It was pretty distressing when I had it, but it did go away with no treatment.

  6. I agree with Karen Anne, go see someone else. I've heard of all this before, a friend went through almost the same thing. In the mean time I'd take Jan's advice with the cheap wine and flannel jammies. I'll even join you with that and think un-dizzy thoughts. (I can't promise much though, I am blond after all. Dizzy is my middle name.)

  7. Thanks, everybody! I am definitely getting a second opinion.

    Karen Anne--No, it's not more than I wanted to know at all! I was hoping someone would know something like that. Thanks!