Monday, November 9, 2009

Better Days

The past couple of days have been better as far as the peripheral vertigo's effect on my balance, but it's been such beautiful weather that I just couldn't bear to be stuck inside doing projects.  So, I played outside Saturday and Sunday and am forcing myself inside today to get something accomplished. 

Here's where I am right now with the kitchen wallpaper:

I hope that by quitting time today, more of the walls are chicken-covered.  Progress photos to follow.


  1. They're so cute! And are those paint samples I see taped to the door?

  2. Wow, those look like my kitchen walls...that also need to have wallpaper applied. I've been stalling, but you may have motivated me.

  3. might want to throw a mattress on the floor just in case. ;D

  4. Kate, Yes they are--but they're for the front parlor. They fell on the floor in there & were stuck to my shoe. I didn't notice until I got in the kitchen, so I taped 'em to the pantry door so they wouldn't get lost. :)

    Milah, I've already heard two or three "Be carefuls" today. :)

  5. Glad to hear it’s going better. And you’re SO right … the weather gave me the perfect ‘out’ for working on the bathroom. (In which my walls look similar to yours!) I did manage to finish up some hanging projects in the carport/driveway yesterday as it was the PERFECT weather for it. Man, it would be awesome if it would stay like this.

    Glad you're doing better.